Ginger is up for a promotion at work and she really wants it, but first she must pass the test to see if she’s up to the stress. Boss Chelsea explains that a spanking AND a paddling will win her the position…if she can take it. So, over Chelsea’s knee Ginger goes and the test begins. First, there’s a sound hand spanking to warm Ginger’s lovely bottom. Then next, it’s the wooden paddle! Ginger endures her "test" beautifully!

Lily has been mentoring Jolie for a few years now, and this is the latest in her series of real discipline sessions. It has been a year since Jolie’s last discipline spanking, and while she has improved in a lot of areas, she feels she still needs help with a few things like getting enough sleep for school and generally being a bit better disciplined and structured. She has also been slacking on sending her weekly behavior reports to Lily, which needs to be addressed. Because it is not for as many or as severe offenses as some of her past sessions, it is not quite as severe, but Jolie still receives a very firm hard spanking which leaves her sobbing with a deeply bruised bottom and upper thighs. She is given her long overdue punishment with Lily’s hand, a ping pong paddle, a London Tanner reformatory paddle, the cane, the London Tanner domestic discipline strap, and finally the heavy wooden bathbrush. After the spanking is over, Lily rubs lotion into her bottom and comforts her. Great
Snow Meanness 5 – The Devil’s Tongue (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

When Snow contacted me about an idea she had for a shoot, based on her own concerns with the way she her staff, I thought it had a great potential for fantasy meets reality. I could tell she was troubled and knew that a severe punishment spanking session, would help her personal guilt and provide a great storyline. She admits to being a real taskmaster with her staff at home. Not to the level of darkness portrayed in this storyline mind you, but something she needed to have addressed and a spanking handed out. Snow has know for fifteen years, that she could rely on me to come to for discipline. This scene has to do with the way she treated her personal cook Marlena. Marlena was instructed to buy only organic fruits and vegetables. When organic bell peppers were not to be found anywhere in the city, Marlena purchased a non-organic variety. When our mean yoga wife found oud, she made Marlena finely chop Ghost Peppers, that subsequently hospitalized her cook. This is why ( based on some of the treatment her own personal cook in her real life) I decided on the Devils Tongue. FYI- I purchased the Devil’s tongue to punish Tiki. When Tiki got her massage therapy license, she had to take on the responsibility of keeping track of her appointments. After she forgot her first one she was warned. When the second ‘ Oh shit!…I forgot!’ happened, sending her running out the door. I told her…’You were warned’. The next day I took her to the Pleasure Chest in LA and I found the Devil’s Tongue. I made her wear a short skirt there and actually tested it on her as e held up her dress in back ( much to the appreciation of the salesgirl. " That is HORRIBLE!’ , she exclaimed. That salesgirl would end up working for be later…getting caned. Remember Emma?