Clare Spanked For Harrassment (MySpankingRoommate) (2020 | FullHD)

Clare Fonda has been promoting young men in the office that she manages based on how much they flirt with her. When Kyle Johnson marches into her office to complain, she suggests that he put out more if he wants to get ahead. Kyle will go over her head if Clare does not change her ways. And he gives her a spanking to help motivate her. It leaves her bottoms sore and red and she has trouble sitting for days.
The Painful Journey Home (UniversalSpanking) (2020 | FullHD)

After all of the speculation in “Strict House Rules” and “Born to Be Sore”, we finally find out that Mr. Kinter is in fact Kiki’s real Dad! It’s shocking news after all that they’ve been through. At the same time, Kiki’s mom has made strides in her life and she can now go back home to her if she wants to. After given the option of living with her new Dad or going back to live at her previous home, she decides that she wants to stay with her new Dad! Mr. Kinter makes it clear though that if Kiki stays she’s going to take a spanking punishment that she has coming to her for the defiance that she had shown previously! Kiki agrees to the punishment and she goes right over her Dad’s knee for an old fashioned spanking. The girl is given strict smacks as her bottom turns a nice shade of red, she’s also informed that she’ll be getting swats with the wooden paddle later! First though, Kiki’s bottom is bared and she gets swats with a leather paddle, they burn her buns, but they’re well deserved. Next, Kiki is made to strip entirely and she’s put on notice that any future spankings will also be given to the girl when she has fully stripped! The final part of this punishment has Kiki in a very exposed position off the corner of the bed and she is given swats with a wooden paddle! Mr. Kinter believes in firm corporal punishment and that’s exactly what Kiki was given. In fact, Kiki admits to her new Dad that she hasn’t had much discipline in life so far, perhaps the girl respects her Dad for caring enough to tan her behind during the times that she needs it most?
Masters Girl Face Down Ass Up – Spread for the Belt (2020 | HD)

Christy lays face down on the bed in a cute yellow top and silky white thong. Her succulent bottom is pushed up in the air, an deserving target for Master’s thick belt. The clingy fabric of her thong outlines her pretty pink parts as she spread obediently for her punishment. Crack – the heavy leather splats down on her splayed cheeks. Steady, hard strokes paint her pretty bottom a glowing red before working down her thighs. Holding her down with one hand, the doubled up belt beats her thighs swollen as she promises to be a good girl. Her panties are lowered and she is sternly reminded to keep her legs spread wide for the belting still to come.
Belinda Lawson - The Institute – B (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

NEW SERIES with BELINDA LAWSON and HELEN STEPHENS at THE INSTITUTE. Belinda Lawson is back over the knee for a bare bottom spanking to remember. What better bottom could there be for evaluating corporal punishment techniques and implements at The Institute than Belinda Lawson’s juicy rear? Belinda and close friend Helen Stephens decide to earn cash by joining Earl Grey’s research, but under-estimate how many spankings they will have to take. Now it’s Belinda’s turn to lie bare bottomed over Earl Grey’s knee and feel her buttocks wobble and ripple under his hand! Ouchie.
You Must Be Forgiven (Ataspanking) (2020 | FullHD)

Previously, Rachel Nova was given a heated spanking punishment in “Spank the Sinner” because she was caught making out with a boy behind the church! Now she’s in even more hot water when her Dad finds her reading a book that he deems immoral. The small town pastor scolds Rachel for the ongoing defiance and takes her right over his knee for a solid spanking that immediately turns that bare bottom red! Rachel struggled to keep her composure during the hand spanking and things became more intense for the worldly girl when her Dad grabbed two leather paddles to tan those cheeks! Bare bottom spankings hurt, and they sting even worse when there’s a paddling involved. To make matters worse, Rachel’s strict dad peeled off his leather belt and he whipped that bare bottom good, sizzling every inch of that exposed behind! And even though that spanking burned like fire, Rachel lashed back at her Dad by confessing that she still loved the boy that she was forbidden to see! Surely there would be painful consequences for talking back to her dad,…consequences that would involve additional corporal punishment!
Kiki Spanked by Brother (Sarahgregoryspanking) (2020 | FullHD)

Kiki stayed out way too late at a party and had partied just a little too hard! She had to call her older brother to come and pick her up. After they get home, he looks at the state of her and disapproves as she begs him not to tell mom and dad about this. Well, Johnny is very upset that her sister has behaved like a party slut and says that he will not tell them but he is going to punish her as mom or dad would; This means a spanking! Kiki only agrees as she really doesn’t want the parents finding out. She would never be trusted to go out again if they knew the truth. So, over big brother’s lap, she goes for a spanking with his hand. Kiki giggled at first but soon the headspace of being spanked by her older sibling, panties down, on the bare bottom brings the message home. Her humiliation is complete when he spanks her with mommy’s hairbrush. Kiki will be more careful in the future when going out and partying less hard!
Have you been a very Good Girl? Hitachi spanking massage (2020 | HD)

Chrissy is melting under his touch, strong hands massing her cares away, gentle swats on her pussy and bouncing bottom. ” Have you been a very good girl?” he asks before returning with the Hitachi. Teasing at first, he soon applies the powerful toy to her needy pussy. He continues to spank her as the powerful vibrations stimulate. Crying out in ecstasy , he spanks her cheeks and cunt, demanding that she ask permission.
Ass Whipped Pain Slut (AssumethePositionStudios) (2020 | HD)

She gets off on heavy sensations of pain, eager to feel the lash of his whip on her exposed ass. The leather teases her skin, lightly at first, building impact cutting into her flesh. The crack of the whip is met with moans, red welts raised. Harsh strokes have her growling as she tries to absorb the pain. A heavy dragons tail cracks satisfying across her ass, eager for more.