Helen Stephens - The Institute – BF (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

A leather paddle and Helen Stephens’ bare bottom battle in out at The Institut The noisy crack of a leather paddle against bare buttocks at The Institute echoes down the hallway as Helen Stephens is bent over a desk for her latest spanking, wrists held by Belinda Lawson. “The leather is worse than the ping pong paddle,” said Helen, “it burns longer and builds up the heat more!” See her peachy buns ripple in awesome slow-motion.
Strict Upbringing Part 3 (Real-life-spankings) (2020 | HD)

This is a story of a single father and his daughter Ivey She is bought up very strictly and gets sound punishments for any disobedience. People comment on her good behaviour and that is because he knows where her bottom is. This video has 6 parts and she gets spanked with a variety of implements. After each spanking she has to write down a number of cane strokes which wil add up during a week and given to her bare bottom on Friday evenings ” A Sore Bottom Makes Me Better Behave ” Part Three The Hairbrush
Belle - Naked Spanking (SarahGregorySpanking) (2020 | FullHD)

This is the first time that Belle has been filmed completely nude for any spanking website: Belle has been such a naughty girl. She has been told specifically NOT to wear revealing clothing in the backyard, so instead she wears nothing at all. Daddy is shocked when he receives a phone call from the neighbor that his daughter is outdoors about to go into the hot tub completely naked. He swiftly catches her before she gets in and pulls his naughty daughter over his lap for a spanking on her bare bottom. This is a rather embarrassing punishment for Belle, as you can imagine the shame of her knowing that her squirming, wriggling nude body hides nothing from daddy at all. Add to that the stern scolding during this painful hand spanking, and Belle’s humiliation is complete as she learns being a rebellious brat has some very real consequences. She will learn to respect her parents wishes in the future and do as she is told!