Ariel - The Roleplay - Ariel, Lucy and the Travelling Disciplinarian, Part Three (RestrainedElegance) (2020 | FullHD)

Nude in metal girls Ariel and Lucy have met up at a hotel and booked Byron Richards, the Travelling Disciplinarian, as their dom for the evening. He’s administered a good hard spanking, and now the girls want a roleplay! Richards plays a policeman, and Ariel and Lucy are hackers who he’ tracked down! He locks the girls in their favourite metal bondage- and they plead with him not to arrest them. Is there some way they can avoid him sending them to jail? There’s a hiccup or two in the roleplay- Richards has to drop out of character to make sure the cuffs are double locked and aren’t cutting in too much, and Ariel and Lucy manage to head-butt each other when they try moving while they are chained together. Byron makes them bend over the bed, pulls their panties down and administers an hard hand spanking… as a prelude to the dreaded wooden hairbrush! Bouncing bright red bum cheeks ahoy! The girls are really getting their money’s worth from the Travelling Disciplinarian!
Arielle Lane - The Lash of the Whip - Ballerina Posture Correction 2 (2020 | HD)

Arielle Lane bends over the back of the couch for the unbearable sting of the whip. Her pretty toned dancers bottom is framed in her tutu, covered in the skimpiest thong leotard. The lash paints angry red welts across both of her pert cheeks, wrapping around. Her pretty face contorts, shrieking in pain as she clenches and gyrates under the heavy whip. Her ordeal is far from over.
Editor - Choice – E – Tara Somerville (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Stunning Tara’s nude spanking: Director’s Cut, previously unseen footage “It’s going to be totally bouncing boobs, they’re soft squishy boobs too!” laughs stunning Tara Somerville as she stands totally naked to be spanked in our Editor’s Choice by Sally Cheshunt, featuring previously unseen footage. “I’d never been topless in front of a camera, let alone spanked nude,” says Tara. “It was my first spanking shoot, I was nervous with the crew watching, but they were so supportive.” Adds Sally, “Tara is magical and superhot on camera, it was a great series to edit.”
Marks, Belinda Lawson - Out of Ten – ZP (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Belinda Lawson’s bare bottom strapping continues as part of naval discipline The concluding part of naval cadet Belinda Lawson’s ‘off-the-record’ strapping has her shouting out the strokes as the leather tawse bites into her quivering creamy buttocks. A total of 25 lashes is her punishment for insolence in Marks Out of Ten, as Captain Johnson corrects her behavior. Butt-bouncing slow-motion and Reaction Cam replays.
Rockford School of Dance Episode 21 (SpankedInUniform) (2020 | SD)

Superstar and diva Danielle Hunt is going on her second world tour and she needs to get back in shape so she booked another session at the Rockford School Of Dance under the strict training of coach Johnson. This time she brought one of her backing singers Aleesha Fox with her. Aleesha was quite horrified when coach Johnson used his new heavy 3 tailed tawse to good effect on the bottoms of the two divas during training.