Helen Stephens - Reform Academy – DZD (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Stripped naked, two beauties bend over together as Helen is caned for theft What a sight at Reform Academy! Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson strip naked after Helen earns an extra six strokes across already striped buttocks for disrespect during punishment for theft. Held on Belinda’s back, it’s 12 cane strokes down, 6 to go! Epic Reaction Cam and slow-motion replays complete this sequence. It’s Belinda next!
Linny Caned - the Office Full Part 2 (MySpankingRoommate) (2020 | FullHD)

Poor Linny Lace takes a job as the secretary to Mr. Ford. She quickly learns that if she is late, she will receive a hard caning right there in the office. On her bottom, armpits, hands and even her breasts. The punishment continues for more than one day, as she continues to get caned every time she messes up. And finally she gets an over-the-knee hard spanking over her cane marks.
Reform Academy - DZC – Helen Stephens (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Bare bottom six of the best caning for doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet! Saying to Earl Grey “Is that all you’ve got?” after six with a cane on tight shorts adds an extra six, buttocks totally bare, held firmly on Belinda Lawson’s back. Shown in stunning slow-motion and Reaction Cam replay, Helen’s bottom feels every teeth-gritting impact in Reform Academy, with more to come.
Reform Academy - DZE – Belinda Lawson (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Six stinging strokes of the cane for Belinda, held totally nude on Helen’s back Spectacular nudity, epic six-stroke caning! Reform Academy delivers a memorable double nude caning with Belinda Lawson hoisted off her toes on Helen Stephens’ back. Both are totally naked as Earl Grey swings the cane: it’s serious discipline for theft at work. Reaction Cam and slow-motion replays capture every bottom quivering second!
St. Catherines Episode 85 (SpankedInUniform) (2020 | FullHD)

Junior girl Sidney is a new pupil at St. Catherines. The Headmaster decided to appoint Scarlett as her Buddy which means that she must teach Sidney all the rules and if Sidney breaks one and she is punished, Scarlett gets exactly the same. The Buddy System. A few days later Sydney showed up at school wearing a pair of high heel schoes which got her soundly spanked and Scarlett got the same.