Naughty, sexy blonde Stevie finds the GoodSpanking website while browsing on her phone. The spankings intrigue her, so she decides to pick up her hairbrush and try it…by herself. Chelsea catches her in the act and quickly offers to show Stevie what spankings really feel like. Most hesitantly, Stevie goes over Chelsea’s knee and BAM! She gets the spanking she was so curious about, along with the hairbrush spanking, as well! Curiosity satisfied!
KYLE JOHNSON, ARIA LENNOX - RDS: ARIAS TEARS PT 1 (Disciplinary Arts) (2019 | FullHD)

Aria Lennox is an experienced spanking model who is used to having to fake her way emotionally through all her work, and it has exhausted her. Kyle and her have been discussing a thorough emotional release which would start directly on the bare as her party weekend has been difficult. Its time, and in Part 1 of her emotional release session, Arias pants and panties are pulled down at the very start of the session, and she is taken OTK for a very sound hand spanking til she is already near tears. Her bottom is lit up with Kyle’s strong hand as she squirms and pleads and apologizes. He then orders the soon-to-be-sobbing girl over the bed for a strapping to tears she will never forget in PART 2!
Bikinni Padling - Hailey 3 11/15/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Hailey was really naughty on her spring break vacation. When her fun turned into a drunk and disorderly arrest, Lilly was only too happy to tell me about it. I had Hailey change into an almost nothing string bikini (the same one she was wearing when arrested) and paddle her hard as she wore the bikini… and then pulling off her bottoms, to feel the full impact of the leather paddle. This is one HOT spanking!
Lilly Hall - Runaway Neighbor 7 11/1/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Bringing home the domestic disciplinary tool! Lilly said ‘ I really felt like a naughty schoolgirl, coming home to her dad’s hairbrush!’ Lilly is now back (where she belonged in the first place)…college. Part of spanking discipline ( a big part), is instilling the fear of getting another spanking. Lilly hates spankings…but appreciates the results!
The Master, Kiki Cali - Kiki’s Bound Anal Hook – Behind the Scenes (Assume The Position Studios) (2019 | HD)

Pretty little Kiki is bound in pretty gold rope with a pink ballgag in her mouth. Behind the scenes footage as she is bound in position for the insertion of her pretty new ANAL HOOK. A very pretty bondage scene with some anal play for the creation of some incredible images. KIKI, BONDAGE, ANAL HOOK, ROPE, BEHINDTHESCENES

It’s that time again, Chelsea’s birthday spanking! Only this time, Cece going to take the birthday spanking for AND by Chelsea. Seated on an appropriate, good old-fashioned straight-backed chair, Chelsea takes the volunteer spankee over her knee. Lovely Cece takes a nice warm-up spanking and it’s time for the countdown. Cece counts out 21 (yes, Chelsea’s 21 again) hard hand spanks. Then, it’s time for a paddle…a LARGE wooden one. And, it’s 21 paddle smacks counted out one-by-one until Chelsea feels her birthday has been adequately celebrated!
KYLE JOHNSON, ROSE - LEATHERFEST 2017 – THE CONCLUSION (Disciplinary Arts) (2019 | FullHD)

In this hard-hitting conclusion, Rose is brought to tears with the leather strap and wooden paddle as Leatherfest 2017 comes to an end. Watch the tears flow as her butt is beaten soundly as Rose sobs. The main event of Leatherfest, the Wooden Paddle, is a BIG HIT as her butt is roasted in the old fashioned way and Rose is left to sob it out in the corner!
Snow Mercy - Marked For Meanness 4 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

What makes these clips so special (Aside from it being the fifteenth anniversary of the first spanking I gave Snow) is that she brought this disciplinary request to me, based on behaviors she is not proud of in respect to her own staff at home. In this clip she is severely paddled with that stiff and painful paddle-strap, before being whipped thoroughly with that infamous ruler strap of mine. When her pool engineer, (explained in video) seems to have added more chlorine to the pool than Snow wished, she decided that the proper course of action was to push him into the pool. It ruined his work phone with all his business contacts. The kicker was that her husband Edward (the one who sent her to me) told Jason to add more chlorine as they were having a pool party that weekend. if seeing a bitchy, yoga-wife getting a severe spanking OTK and bare-bottomed… You will love watching Snow getting this requested, real disciplinary spanking within a spanking fantasy. Win/Win! *The photo galleries for the last two updates were inadvertantly swapped. The below gallery is from the last RUBBER PADDLING of Snow.*
Belinda Lawson - The Institute – BH/Nude flogging for Belinda Lawson at The Institute, witnessed by Helen Stephens (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Arms and legs spread wide, Belinda Lawson lies naked on a whipping frame to test Mr Johnson’s theories about naval flogging – all in the case of research. As the flogger is applied to her bare buttocks, see the results as Reaction Cam also captures Belinda’s face. The slow-motion cheek-rippling replays contrast with laughter-filled out-takes!