Samantha Woodley - Lone Tower 1 (DallasSpanksHard) (2020 | SD)

This is one of my more interesting scenarios of how a model came to work for me. Scarlet frequented some shops on Santa Monica Blvd. In a bikini store she met a new girl named Kylie who had just transplanted from Atlanta. The first time she went in she was looking for a new bikini. Kylie tried selling her on a really skimpy bikini (especially the bottoms) Scarlet said ” My boyfriend doesn’t allow those types”. Kylie asked why that was. ” I have to cover my full bottom for the biggest tan line possible” Scarlet told her. Kylie chuckled and said ” Oh Ok…We don’t have those types right now, but I can order some from a catalog and you could come back next week”. Now Scarlet always enjoyed a pretty girl and stayed talking to Kylie longer than she should have. I was waiting for Scarlet to pick me up on the other side of Santa Monica and Scarlet knew she was already in trouble. That is when she concocted her plan to get Kylie on film. I listened to her plan and decided to put off her spanking. The following week when Scarlet was going back to try on the bikini Kylie ordered the plan was put in motion. I said ” Ok you, let’s do this’. I pulled her over my knee in the back parking lot of the store and gave her a long hard hand spanking. Her butt was fire engine red when she walked into the shop. As she was trying on the bikini, she only put on the top and was naked fro the top down. She called out for Kylie’s assistance and gave her a full view of her crimson bottom in the reflection “Did you get sunburned’? she asked. “No I just got a spanking by my boyfriend’. Kylie was shocked but interested. “Are you ok?’ she asked not being able to take her eyes off of her red butt. Scarlet said ‘ Yes, this is partly my job too’ Now Kylie’s interest peaked. Scarlet told about the videos and the money she could make and actually got Kylie to ask to come get spanked. What you will witness is some good, fully nude spanking of a southern girl that had never even heard of spanking videos until now. If you want to see a pretty and super vanilla girl, getting spanked to tears with a first ever spanking, as Scarlet operated the cameras. This remastered and full re-edit with never seen footage is a must for your catalog. We got the ‘keying’ scenario because that first day Scarlet actually scratched my truck in her hurry to pick me up.
Valentine - Day Destiny – Whitney Morgan (Part 1-4) (2020 | SD)

The game of Valentine’s Day Destiny was clear. Her rolls of the dice and the universe determined her punishments. The fact that her desire to become more domesticated, was key to why she was there in the first place. It showed clearly that the universe was listening, as she rolled for domestic implement after domestic implement. Watching her alabaster skin getting turned crimson and bruised with a large hairbrush…Well, could not represent a more domestic spanking if you tried.
Naked Wet Caning- Casey Caned to the Breaking Point 2 (2020 | HD)

The first 36 strokes left Casey dripping wet, legs spread , ass high prepared for her next installment of strokes, glistening in anticipation. The second Cane in her punishment is much thicker and really makes her scream ! Three sets of 12 fall with ferocious impact on her spanked and swollen ass and thighs. She bravely tries to take it like a good girl, screaming into her panty gagged mouth, bucking in pain and breaking position several times. Again the threat of additional dozen strokes is repeated as her brutal bare bottom caning continues.
Sierra Salem - Custom Spanking Video 1 (2020 | SD)

Based off of a true story. I met Darling and Venus ( roommates and lovers at the time) at a Fetish Ball. They were involved in a squabble based on…you guessed it JEALOUSY. I sat down between them ( which kind of shocked them back to reality) They knew me through the fetish party scene, but not well. After spending some time refereeing, the topic came to spanking. Namely me telling them both they deserved a good one. We talked more about the topic of spanking , which seemed to pique their interest. Even more so, them each enjoying the thought of watching the other one getting spanked as they watched. It came around to what I did…and the birth of this spanking came to fruition. I decided that each of these spankings had so many great visuals about them , that it was a waste to leave some footage to me left out during cuts. Her you get to watch the entire spankings in their entirety , without losing any of the spankings do to cuts. I think you will enjoy the full spankings , from each camera in complete form! The remastering at a less condensed bit-rate is the cherry on the bottom!
Mood-Pictures – Escape Room (2020 | HD)

A gorgeous girl (Lyen Parker) is fooled into an Escape Room game without knowing the exact rules of the game. Actually the players learn the real point of the game once they are in… but at that time it is too late to quit. They must fight for their lives and endure terrible pain in exchange for keys and clues which gives them hope to escape from the imprisonment. And all this is being shown to the darknet subscribers. Once of the darkest films of our so far with a lot of humiliation, fear and pain.