Belinda Lawson, Helen Stephens - Reform Academy – DU (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Grabbing their ankles in turns, gritting their teeth, Belinda and Helen are paddled! Bottom spilling out of her tight gym shorts, Helen Stephens gasps as a wooden paddle is applied to her almost bare cheeks at Reform Academy: the story continues. Belinda Lawson is ordered to bend over and grab her ankles, Reaction Cam and slow motion replays show every second of the burn as her buttocks are soundly spanked. Ouchie!
Full Access Spanking - Legs in the Air for Intimate (2020 | HD)

Positioned on her back, Casey hold her legs up for full access spanking. Is big and swats down spanking both of her pretty horse, her cheeks and the backs of her thighs as she moans. She loves his touch, and the delicious sensation of having her naughty pink parts punished. Shortening his grip on the belt, stinging smacks find her exposed cunt and asshole as well as the backs of her thighs.
Saturday Detention - Wild Spanking Blows (AaaSpanking) (2020 | FullHD)

Detentions for the girls at this Boarding School on a Saturday were always the worst. As Kami Robertson and Danielle Hunt were about to find out! They had been caught fraternizing with the boys from the adjacent public school and their parents had heard about their embarrassing behavior and demanded that their girls be taught a lesson. The reason why punishments were usually far worse at weekends was because the teachers would rather be enjoying their day off than dealing with girls who undermined the authority and good name of the school. The Head Teacher, Mr Osborne, was particularly blunt when dealing with both girls, taking time to scold, chastise and use a painful method of correction: A hard wooden ruler across their hands. Kami found this particularly difficult to take and was in tears as they both received the Discipline Hairbrush and Strap on their bare bottoms for the final part of their punishment. He left them to recover in their cornertime reflection period with Danielle angry that they had been so harshly treated only for Saturday Duty Teacher, Mr Jackson, to conclude that they had not learnt their lesson. He took both girls over his knee for a further spanking! An unfair double punishment? Perhaps, but this was why girls tried to avoid the dreaded Saturday Detentions at this school as they were often unfair! This long play video features the last classic pairing of Kami and Danielle.
Chrissy Marie, Lola Anderson - SEXY SLEEPOVER PUSSY CAM (2020 | HD)

Two of the prettiest girls you will ever lay eyes on enjoy a sensual spanking at the hands of one another. Front row camera captures them in all their glory, fully nude, spread and oiled. Stripping down naked, spanking, oiled massage, fantastic views of their taut nubile bodies, with incredible views between the legs as they have their pussies spanked. Sexy erotic spanking at it’s best with two gorgeous nude girls enjoying each other.
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy – DX (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Spanked bare bottom to the max: Helen Stephens is over the knee for dishonesty Lying over Earl Grey’s knee at Reform Academy, pretty doe-eyed Helen Stephens can’t resist mocking him, earning an even longer bare bottom spanking! Already punished by Mr Johnson, Helen and Belinda Lawson are in trouble for dishonesty and attitude at their government agency, and have to face the spanking power of Mr Grey instead.
Tiki’s Four Obscure (2020 | SD)

These are four obscure spankings that each have a back story. 1) This one was a spanking I gave Tiki for smoking while fighting bronchitis. I warned her not to smoke and this and the 118 licks with the belt earlier were both for this disobedience. Drove up to the bar she worked at and there she was outside doing her best chimney impersonation. I just drove by and pointed. She knew a scorched bottom was coming. 2) Tiki woke up on the wrong side of the bed at the hotel in Santa Barbara. I decided to give her a spanking outside in a park right next to a busy street. The grounds keeper was only about 50 yards away when I was giving her this spanking. He glanced over once and I am pretty sure he saw what was going on. Tiki was certain of it and was mortified… but in a much better mood to avoid more outings. 3) We actually broke into the shed/power-room of the hotel to film the Spy segment. This was actually almost the last day of my life. As I was feeling around in the dark I put my fingers on exposed bus-bars and got a jolt like you would not believe! Tiki was freaked out, but like the trooper she is…she did her best (worst) Russian accent as a spank-tortured spy. 4) Tiki is one of the sweetest people on Earth. When the olded gentleman approached her at a party telling Tiki three things. One, that he had a spanking fetish his whole life. two that he had never spanked a woman. The saddest was three. He was dying ( only 6 months left) and he used his last money to travel to this party in hopes to live out his dream. Tiki not only let him… but let him twice during that night. He was able to experience his one last wish… Tiki was simply the best.
Bunny in the Bucket (Part 1-6) (2020 | SD)

I decided to learn about our naughty spanked one on camera. You are learning what I know about Bunny at the same time in this film. That’s right! You are experiencing the same knowledge at the same time regarding our cute and very spankable roller-derby gal! I decided to test her theory of tolerance and give her a VERY HARD OTK hand-spanking right out of the gate! You want to see a girl that has been a jammer for a pro-roller-derby league cry from a hand spanking? You got it! Bunny’s spanking continues with a large hairbrush. She was shocked and shaking when she discovered that the brush had actually taken skin off of her bottom. She said, ” I have never had that happen before! Even when I have fallen on the track.” I guess this means that a hairbrush meeting bottoms are worse than tracks hitting bottoms, even on a skid. I wonder if little Bunny will come back As both she and her bottom began to weep from a seriously severe OTK session, Bunny cried from both the pain and embarrassment of her surprisingly hard punishment spanking she was not prepared for. The wide, stiff, oval leather paddle covered every inch of her upturned bottom, as the rubber found direct placement of my choice to follow. Bunny Euphoria ( or her Roller Derby name Killer Bunny Foo-Foo) is introduced to the buck for the first time! He bottom was so sore already as you will see. This did not stop me from using a latex and rubber paddle! Her tears will tell it all! When tough girls like Tiki used to cry, you knew the punishment was special. When a roller -derby jammer cries from spanking… Well, it is just amazing! Bunny learns that when in the bucket, with a swollen and painful bare, wet, bottom, that sometimes the implements don’t get easier, but rather more severe. This is the case with the ‘acrylic griller’. Every woman I have spanked with this implement have feared it and screamed out in painful displeasure from it’s affects. When this beautifully teaching implement is applied to an already sore bottom, the reactions are always impressive and even tearful. Bunny learns a riding crop lesson that she will never forget this week! Her sore bottom bounces, as the stinging crop falls repeatedly. Her squeals will let you know that it is the perfect ending to this great film!
The Lust For Spanking Pleasures Part 1 (UniversalSpanking) (2020 | FullHD)

Scarlett Lust was looking for a thorough spanking punishment session with a wide array of implements. She’s been a friend for a long time so her wish was granted and she was given a very long spanking as she changed between a few different outfits, and her reactions to the stinging smacks are out of this world! The spanking session starts out with Scarlett getting smacked over her tight black leggings, though those are quickly pulled down to reveal a very small pair of panties. The rapid fire spanking has her struggling early on in the punishment, and it doesn’t get any easier when her panties are removed. Scarlett then switches outfits and into something black and sexy as she faces several stinging leather implements head on. A black leather paddle delivers swat after swat to her beautiful bottom, only to be followed by strokes with a leather strap. The strapping is not made easy for Scarlett as she had to endure it with stinging piece of ginger placed tightly into her anus. The burning is intense for her and she made a valiant effort fighting the pain of the strap and the figging at the same time! Once she finished her figging, Scarlett still had to take more leather strap strokes to her behind from two straps, including a Canadian Prison Strap. With her strapping complete. Scarlett changes into a very short schoolgirl skirt which quite honestly doesn’t even come close to covering her round and now red bottom. She prepared herself to take many implements, and at this point in the session she would take licks from several that would cause great discomfort to her exposed cheeks. Scarlett’s journey continued on with punishment from two riding crops, followed by swats with a lexan paddle with holes! Next she submitted to strokes with a stiff leather strap, more swats with a heavy and solid lexan paddle, and on top of that Scarlett suffered through the horrible rubber strap with holes! The finale sees Scarlett taking more punishment with the bath brush, the carpet beater, and then taking even more swats with three paddles, two of them being wooden!!! This is a spanking punishment that you are going to want to see, it also features her luscious bottom being oiled and some behind the scenes footage as well:)
Mike - 50`s Diner Episode 18 (SpankedInUniform) (2020 | FullHD)

Esther a beautifull 37 year old experienced waitress, applied for a waitress job at Mike’s Diner. Her resume was impressive and Chef Mike wanted to hire her but there was one dillema. All the other waitresses are younger and they are spanked so Esther would have to submit to the same discipline. She reluctantly agreed. A few days later she was caught wearing black shoes and knickers instead of white and Esther got her first spanking.