Secretary Stripped, Spread for Whipping - Casey’s Naked Office Discipline (assumethepositionstudios) (2019 | HD)

Secretary Stripped & Spread for Whipping – Casey’s Naked Office Discipline The Boss is irate at having to come in on saturday to correct the sloppy work of his office staff. Casey and Christy have both endured a lengthy punishment bent over the desk for a spanking and strapping. Casey obeys as she is scolded and instructed to strip and spread her legs over the bench for a whipping. Naked except for her heels, her legs are positioned spread wide as her chest lays across the bench, exposed AND humiliated for the discipline she deserves. The flogger falls heavily on her bare bottom, each heavy blow lurching her body forward. The stinging leather finds her most tender parts as she moans and cries out in pain. Every exposed inch of flesh between her legs is whipped hot and red as she collapses, struggling to catch her breath. The Boss retrieves a GIANT Plexiglass paddle for her final swats. Each brutal swat sets her ass on fire and rips a fresh curdling scream from her throat. CRUEL Office Discipline filmed in HD approx 11 min DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, SECRETARY SPANKING, OFFICE DISCIPLINE, CASEY CALVERT, BARE BOTTOM WHIPPING, BARE BOTTOM PADDLING, SCREAMING, SCOLDING, CRYING, BEATEN TO TEARS
Casey - Bare Bottom Caning – BROKEN CANE (assumethepositionstudios) (2019 | HD)

Casey is laying face down, naked for her caning discipline. Legs spread as she pushed her bottom up to meet each punishing stroke, then clenching and screaming in pain as the stripes cut into her skin, welting and bruising. Finally at the end, the thick rattan cane snaps in a brutal stroke across her naughty ass. She giggles with glee, only to be informed that the cane will be replaced with a thicker cane ! Casey’s bare bottom Caning , Domestic discipline filmed in HD