Ballerina Wheelbarrow Spanking - Spread for Discipline (2020 | HD)

Given the choice of finishing her punishment over his lap or with the cane, she takes the more intimate position. Face down, with her legs spread around his lap, she is fully exposed for his punishing hand. Aroused at his touch, she moans as his big hand punish her neediest places. Relishing the vibrations of the impact, she is blissful and wanting more as she is stripped out of her leotard, fully exposed for his punishing hands. She begs for more hoping he will allow her the release she craves.
Good Girls get to Cum – Hard Hairbrush and Hitachi (Spanking Rewards) (2020 | HD)

Back across his knee, the heavy wood bath brush is applied relentlessly to her swollen cheeks. Held firmly and spread across his knee , The swats fall hard and fast as she wiggles and kicks in agony. Obediently taking her punishment, she earns a good girl reward. The hitachi brings her to a well-deserved orgasm as her sore her cheeks are paddled.