In "Crazy and the Tramp", Kyle walks into his Vegas suite a day early as a surprise to his submissive, Johanna, whom he finds in bed with a hooker. Furiously, he demands her to remind him of the house rules, which she does with a smile: Any cheating will result in a severe bare bottom spanking to BOTH Johanna and the person she was caught with, male OR female. Johanna knows this, and has gotten multiple cheating participants bottoms blistered in the past, but this time, the hooker was told Johanna was single and wasnt made aware that she would be getting spanked for their actions. With a fearful eye, the nervous Tramp watches as Kyle STRIPS and SPANKS Johannas bottom til she is yelping and glowing red. He then lets her up, scolding her for being so cruel to the poor unsuspecting girls she is tricking into breaking his rules to watch them get blistered, and then tells Vanessa that regardless, he HAS to punish her, so he proceeds to take her over his knee as well, as Johanna watches from the corner with glee. A VERY GREAT DOUBLE SPANKING AND VERY REALISTIC. FUN WITH A HARD SPANKING!
THE MASTER, ARIELLE LANE - ARIELLE LANE BARE BOTTOM OTK (assumethepositionstudios) (2019 | HD)

Soon her pants are pulled down leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable to his big strong hands. Inspecting her pink cheeks, pinching and fondling her succulent bottom. The swats continue her pretty cheeks bouncing and jiggling as they flush red under his big hands. Her pretty face betrays her enjoyment in erotic domestic discipline she craves.
Alison Miller - The Challenge D/The sharp CRACK of a wooden paddle spanking Alison Miller’s bare bottom! (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Upping the intensity of The Challenge, Alison Miller takes on the dreaded Jokari paddle – an implement she’s never felt before! Daringly, she peels off her skin-tight yoga pants and even her thong so John Friday can deliver a scorching, cheek clenching spanking with the paddle on her bare bottom. “It’s the devil, it really is!” she complains.

Cheerleader Maddy has been very naughty, spreading gossip and rumors and creating bad team chemistry. Concerned that this is a maturity flaw, coach Chelsea takes matters into her own hands and lays hand upon Maddy’s naughty bottom. One good hard hand spanking AND paddling later, Maddy is reformed and allowed to continue on the cheer squad.

Lily is enjoying spending a weekday lounging in her boarding school bedroom after lying to her teachers that she was sick. As she’s chatting on the phone with a friend about their party plans for the night she hears a knock at the door. The school Principal (Corin Quinn) has come to check out her story. Lily tries to convince him that she’s sick but the charade doesn’t last long – he had overheard a group of her friends discussing the upcoming party! Lily is quickly taken OTK for a hard spanking in her pajamas. She is then told to change into her school uniform dress to complete her punishment in a more formal manner. Once she has changed the Principal returns with a ruler and a HUGE wooden school paddle called "The Counselor." He spanks her OTK again with the ruler and then makes her bend over the bed for a lengthy session with the heavy paddle making Lily apologize and tearfully promise to never misbehave again! Very strict and severe school style spanking and paddling!
Sunn Sage – Hard OTK (dallasspankshard) (2019 | SD)

Sinn Sage in one of what I call the ‘Triple B’ girls. This stands for ‘Best Bottoms in the Business’. What you witness is, a model that had NO CLUE what kind of spanking she would be getting. This film was based on a TRUE STORY involving my niece and a nasty, little, jealous model. Believe me, if I could have spanked THAT girl, I would have done so in a heartbeat. I really did take a lot of the photos in her portfolio! This is part one of an intense OTK spanking that had Sinn shaking with a combination of pain and endorphins. Enjoy this new edit and re-master of a CLASSIC! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

When Ginger was hired, it was clearly and explained and agreed upon that she would adhere to the office dress code. So, when she turns up to work in tiny, short lacy shorts and a lace see-through top, there’s a lesson to be learned and boss Chelsea is ready to teach it. Over Chelsea’s knee goes naughty Ginger for a sound, bottom reddening hand spanking! Now Ginger will take her job seriously.

In Part 2 of "A Red Birthday", the scene opens with a BARE-ASSED and well-spanked Johanna rubbing her sore bottom as her Dom orders her to the bathroom for her belt whipping as he happily takes off his belt and whistles. She sadly walks to the bathroom corner as her Dom carrys in his belt. He starts to immeadiatly whip her bare ass as she yelps and pleads. After her butt is re-reddened, and she is softly crying, Kyle makes her strip nude and kneel by the bathtub as her booty continues to get whipped soundly. He continues unrenltingly for awhile until she is PROMISING to listen better in the future. When her angry Dom finishes punishing her, Johanna is left nude and kneeling by the bathtub, rubbing her sore red bottom.