Roxie - Strapped OTK by The Dean (OTK Spankings) (2019 | FullHD)

Roxie is left to finish writing her lines. When the Dean returns to check on her she has made little progress. She is taken over his knee and strapped on the bare bottom and then sent back to work, with a very sore bottom.
Lucy Lauren - Racing Stables Discipline – Z/Is this our longest, hardest, non-stop spanking Lucy’s butt tested to the max! (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Download Full Video Zoe Page never goes easy on pretty groom Lucy Lauren in Racing Stables Discipline. But this long, hard, non-stop bare bottom spanking is a test most would fail! “I thought her hand would wear out,” admitted Lucy “but she kept going and going until my cheeks were literally on fire!” Epic slow-motion replay shows the full effect on her jiggling red cheeks.
Belinda Lawson - The Institute – BD/After breaking a bat at The Institute, Belinda Lawson endures the leather paddle (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Testing different implements and positions for corporal punishment at The Institute is tougher than Belinda expects. After Mr Johnson breaks a ping pong bat on her jiggling bare booty, he switches it up in speed and severity with a larger leather paddle. See her buns bounce up and down in slow-motion, wobbling furiously as the paddle goes to work.
Samantha Grace, Mr. Smit - Fall from Grace Part Two (Worst Behavior Productions) (2019 | HD)

Sexual and ripe Samantha Grace fantasizes being punished by the company disciplinarian for an affair with the company CFO. The punishment is long, hard, slow, and extremely erotic. She backs her full and beautiful bottom up to the camera for a strong but sensual spanking and finishes on her back. Taking off her panties, she lays on her back to finish the spanking. Then she is paddled and strapped on her lush naked backside until it’s angry red. Last, her bottom is opened as wide as she can pull it apart for a series of penalty swats…it will take your breath away.
Juliette March, Ella Nova - Ella Ruins Juliette’s New Dress Part Two – Tawse, Penalty Swats then Juliette’s Turn (Worst Behavior Productions) (2019 | HD)

The sizzling conclusion to Ella’s punishment for ruining Juliette’s dress. Ella is strapped with a tawse naked in a garter and hose on her back and then takes her penalty swats in the same position. Juliette gets so hot spanking her that Juliette wants to be spanked, paddled, tawsed and spanked on the bare butthole too! Very sexy and lots of girl play. This is erotic spanking at it’s finest and you will witness how spanking can cause a hard orgasm.
Stevie Rose, Juliette March - Juliette Spanked, Paddled in Wet Panties, Caned and Penalty Swats Part Two (Worst Behavior Productions) (2019 | HD)

All four girls from the department stayed out all night and don’t show up to work. The other three are punished together the day before but Juliette has missed two days and will now get her angry boss’ full attention. She is first spanked over her dress, next she is made to go wet her panties in the sink and put the wet panties on, bend wide legged over into a chair so she can watch herself be paddled between her legs, she climbs over the back of a chair for a bare bottom paddling, she is caned and it ends with her on all fours, naked bottom pulled wide apart for Penalty Swats in the butthole.
Secret Agent – K/Nude yard-stick spanking teaches Amelia Rutherford a painful lesson (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Amelia Rutherford’s career as a Secret Agent has been a disaster, lurching from one crisis to another and being soundly spanked by boss Sir Timothy Tipton. He’s so upset with Amelia risking her life that he decides to use a yard-stick on her bouncing bare bottom – in fact, she’s totally nude: why not! Epic slow-motion cheek-rippling replays – and the cane is still to come…
Maddy Marks, The Master, Lizzy McAllister - Maddy and Lizzy Spanked by stern Dad – Sleepover Shenanigans 3 (Assume The Position Studios) (2019 | HD)

All the noise from their playful erotic spanking soon attracts Maddys daddy. Catching them with red bottoms, Maddie is turned across Daddy’s knee for a real spanking. Her bottom bounces as she moans in protest. Panties are removed from painful paddling OTK. Lizzy looks on, knowing that her poor bottom is next.