Elizabeth 53 - Spanking Hardcore (SpankedInUniform) (2020 | FullHD)

A new doctor Zoe Page has arrived at the hospital and during her first nightshift nurses Scarlett and Julie missed their rounds twice and were generally lazy. The next day Dr. Johnson told Dr. Zoe Page about how things work at the hospital and that she is free to spank those two little madams soundly. Zoe was delighted and in part one nurse Julie is the first to feel Dr. Page’s hard hand on her lazy bottom.
Belinda Lawson, Helen Stephens - Marks Out of Ten – ZC (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

The caning continues as Belinda and Helen touch their toes in turn for punishment “It was good to be caned together,” said Helen Stephens, “But waiting for the order from Captain Johnson to touch my toes made me really nervous!” Turn by turn with Belinda Lawson, each girls bends over to be caned, six whistling strokes striping their bare bottoms as they call off the rising number: there’s more to come! Classic Reaction Cam too.
Belinda Lawson, Helen Stephens - Marks Out of Ten – ZB (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Stripped nude, Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens face the fury of Capt Johnson Questioning Captain Johnson’s motives in punishing them so frequently and suggesting he enjoys a good spanking (surely not?!) leaves Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens stripped naked in the garden before marching to his office for a caning. Touching their toes, the whistling strokes are delivered in turn. Reaction Cam and slo-mo treats in store.
Fighting In The Prison Part One-Two (BarsandStripes) (2020 | FullHD)

Part 1: Prisoner Foxxy Angel was sentenced for public disturbances and after a while in the prison, the little madam punches another inmate on her nose. Time to get to the bottom of things. She was sent to the Warden’s office and in part one her bottom feels the sting of two Prison straps and cornertime. Part 2: Prisoner Foxxy Angel was sentenced for public disturbances and after a while in the prison, the little madam punches another inmate on her nose. Time to get to the bottom of things. She was sent to the Warden’s office and in part two her allready sore bare bottom gets soundly slippered.
Kyle Johnson, rose - Real Discipline Series: Rose’s Guilt Part 2 (DisciplinaryArts) (2020 | FullHD)

In the conclusion to the very intense Real Discipline session “ROSE’S GUILT”, Rose has been spanked near tears to help her release her emotions by the world’s most experienced Emotional Release Practitioner, Kyle Johnson! He has taken down her jeans and handspanked her to tears, and is now about to use the hairbrush on her until she is sobbing. He delivers, as the hairbrush is applied liberally to her bare bottom, and she has the biggest emotional release of her life before alot of cuddles which were requested prior to the session from her pre-spanked self. A VERY INTENSE AND NEEDED EMOTIONAL RELEASE SPANKING for a VERY SERIOUS issue!
The Dirty Kitchen Part One – Two (BarsandStripes) (2020 | FullHD)

Part 1: Prisoner Jenna Joy was on Kitchen Duty but she neglected to clean the kitchen afterwards. She was taken to Head Officer Kelly by the Warden and Jenna got her bottom soundly slippered and put in the corner. Kelly is the Warden’s wife and she knows how to deal with Prisoners. Part 2: In part two Prisoner Jenna Joy gets pulled out of the corner by her ear by Head Officer Kelly to be bent over the chair. Then her bare bottom received 24 stinging strokes from the dreaded Prison Stinger.
Belinda Lawson, Helen Stephens - Marks Out of Ten – ZD (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Totally nude naval caning continues for Belinda and Helen, touching their toesLoose talk can cost lives, but in the case of naval cadets Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens, it costs them another six strokes of the cane in Marks Out of Ten. Captain Johnson is a stickler for procedure, and has them stand side by side totally naked and bend over to touch their toes in turn. Stunning Reaction Cam and Slow-motion replays!
Masie Feels The Whip Part One – Two (BarsandStripes) (2020 | FullHD)

Part 1: Prisoner Masie Dee reported to the Warden’s office and you have never seen a cheekier inmate as her. She called Him Wardie and did everything to try and seduce Him. She was soon over His knee getting a sound spanking but it became clear that she needed a strong sharp shock so she was dragged off to Punishment Room One for a sound nude whipping. Part 2: Punishment room one and prisoner Masie Dee has been told to strip and she gets a sound nude whipping for being insolent and disrespectfull. Her bare bottom, thighs and even her naked back are soundly whipped untill she repents.
The Journalist Apprentice Part 1 (Graias) (2020 | FullHD)

Lomp, when he isn’t playing around with his favorites, is a businessman. He was visited by a 19-year-old journalist apprentice from a local newspaper in this capacity of his. Part1. : Alice can endure the whipping of her boobs surprisingly well. Unlike others, she doesn’t start screaming even by the crocodile clamps. She wouldn’t take off her pretty eyes full of hatred of Lomp, which makes the Master a bit uncertain.
Kyle Johnson, Rose - Social Miscommunication (DisciplinaryArts) (2020 | FullHD)

In this hilarious take on social fetish meet ups and the crazy world of online meetings, “Social Miscommunication” introduces Rose, a sassy young girl who is horny and decided to plan an online meetup after responding to an ad for a Daddy looking for a VERY naughty girl who needs a firm HARD spanking. She shows up to his house, where he gives her a gift and invites her in. He trys to jump right into the spanking protocol talk, which confuses the horny young girl, who just wants to get her rocks off. Unbeknownst to her, however, is that Kyle is a TRUE spanko, into the discipline aspect of the lifestyle, and is truly intending on punishing this brat on her very vanilla bare bottom! Some confusion takes place after her pants are seductively lowered, and the clueless disciplinarian IMMEDIATELY starts blistering her bottom with his hand as hard as he can. The confused and startled girl yelps and squirms as her panties are quickly pulled down as well, leaving her sore, pleading and promising to be a good girl… even though all she wanted was some head!