Lilian White - Asking for It GF/Lilian White is back for more as she tests her reaction to a 14-stroke caning (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

No-one would say that Lilian White doesn’t push her limits in Asking For It. The prospect of a 14-stroke caning from John Friday makes her anxious, but she still sticks out her bare bottom to see what it’s like! “The cane has such a different sting,” she says. “There’s a sharp burn when it hits my bottom, and that stays for a while but not as long as a wooden paddle!” See how she reacts to having her cheeks striped.
Delta Howser - Artist Discipline D/Some creatives need discipline to get results: Delta Howser is soundly spanked (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Brunette beauty Delta Howser can’t believe she’s getting another spanking in Artist Discipline. The wooden Jokari paddle is a butt burner, so John Friday switches it out for a hand spanking as her cheeks clench and bounce over his knee. Those fleshy globes barely stop jiggling as he reinforces his message. But will a spanking work on Delta?
Luccia - Brazilian Bombshell (dallasspankshard) (2019 | SD)

Luccia really was a visiting exchange student from Brazil. She really was taking advantage of her father. She really DID party way too much! You will absolutely adore how red this naughty bunda ( bottom in Portuguese) gets durimg this punishment session. She had a hard time with this spanking, which made her bottom hot for a long time! She stayed and visited for a couple of hours afterwards. Her bottom was literally STILL HOT when she left. Enjoy this!…
Lilian White - Asking For It GE/Lilian White feels the full burn of 14 with a wooden paddle across her bottom (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

“That looks a little intense!” Lilian White says, wide-eyed, as John Friday shows her a school paddle in Asking For It. She wants to test her limits with a range of implements, so reluctantly bends over to be soundly spanked. The noisy crack of wood on her swiftly bared jiggling bottom, in glorious bouncing slow-mo, is loud. “That’s tough!” she admits.