Spanked Teacher (Courtney Chambers) (2020 | SD)

The coolest thing about this video is that Courtney Chambers was a fifth grade teacher. She of course did this for extra money, but she did obey me as far as an extra thing I told her to do. I made her show up at 6:30 a.m. to shoot, so she could be at the school by 8:30 a.m. I told her to wear a schoolgirl dress that she would ALSO wear to class. The thought of her with her bottom still BRIGHT RED under her skirt at the chalkboard, was very gratifying. Spanking a teacher to tears before class is your little entrance to an amazing morning.
Dior - The Mobster’s Wife (2020 | SD)

So, I met this Russian guy in the airport between flights. We struck up a conversation out of boredom just small talk to start. He told me how he was an import/export/real estate guy. I thought to myself (Russian mob) Which was fine, he was a pleasant enough guy. He was intrigued about my spanking business and also wanted his wife ( a model) spanked. He made it clear he didn’t want her spanked ‘too hard’, but since he agreed to get the room and let me film the spanking, it was all good. It made for a little bit of a trying experience, as I promised myself I would never again shoot this kind of arrangement. Her snide comments under her breath in Russian and Portuguese ( I know a little of the latter) made me want to paddle her raw. I listened to her knuckle-headed husband whine the whole shoot and did my best not to lose it on him. Dior was a beauty and her butt was very Brazilian!
Spanked Rock Star (Samantha) (2020 | SD)

This video is dedicated to my good friend Koo. He is the best person I know! Samantha the Rocker is one of those real disciplinary films with so many facets. I was dating the bass player for Samantha’s band for awhile (and introducing the concept of disciplinary spankings in her life as a motivational tool) When Samantha had issues with drinking and drugging too much as to damage the bands reputation. Karen (the bass player) approached her road manager and suggested in acquiring my help (an ultimatum) to Samantha regarding the ability to keep her as the front person. To make a long story short, Samantha , Karen and Tony the road manager showed up this day, wherein Samantha agreed to this spanking to clear the air with the irate band. This is a real as it gets!
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy – DZH (FirmHandSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Helen Stephens takes a Reform Academy strapping on leggings and bare bottom Kneeling on a low bench, bottom in the air, stunning Helen Stephens grits her teeth as Earl Grey uses a leather tawse on her bottom, protected only by skintight leggings. Not happy with her attitude, he orders her to lie flat on his desk, bottom bare for more lashes with his strap. But she can’t control her mouth, earning extras. Awesome Reaction Cam!
Kyle Johnson, Marilyn - The Painful Card Game – Marilyn Part 1 (DisciplinaryArts) (2020 | FullHD)

In the Painful Card Game, the goal is to turn over two kings out of the randomized deck with 2 of each card laid facedown. However, EVERY card you pull inbetween has a different implement and penalty attached to it. In this edition, Marilyn makes her Painful Card game debut. However, in the course of the search for the Kings, Marilyn uncovers 2 more harsh realitys: A long hard handspanking and over the knee hairbrushing, followed by a good sound bare bottom paddling. In this part, she plays the game and after winning, has her panties pulled down and is placed over the knee and spanked with hand and hairbrush as the spanking continues. She then is told to wait and fetch the paddle.. TO BE CONTINUED
Spanked to Greatness (UniversalSpanking) (2020 | HD)

Shy Sky is going through some hard training, her performance in track is not up to her previous standards and coach is working her extra hard. He first has her doing a variety of exercises and then instructs Shy to take the all fours position on the floor where he begins to rapidly spank her bottom in her tight yoga pants. Coach is serious about improving Shy’s performance and that becomes evident when he bares her bottom for more spanking with the hand, his smacks are quick and delivered with force, it’s apparent that he’s trying to teach this girl a real lesson! Coach follows up the hand spanking with painful strokes of the riding crop, going from cheek to cheek, tanning her little bottom (and her thighs) until she pleads with her coach. It’s here that we learn the identity of Shy’s coach, her coach is also her Father as well!!! Her Dad isn’t letting her get away with any of her recent slacking though, and he shows that he is serious as he applies the reformatory strap to her naked buttocks while Shy is still in the all fours position. Shy Sky is then stood up and bent over the exercise bike. Her Father/Coach is not nearly done with distributing the correction that his daughter needs and this is evident when he lays in hard strokes with a strap that has holes, followed up by more corporal punishment with a long licken’ stick! Her bottom is on fire at this point and the spankings continue with more implements until she is finally paddled with two different butt burning wooden paddles that leave her behind swollen and hot to the touch! To wrap up the punishment, Shy is also given a hand strapping and a mouth soaping,…and then she gets some big news!!!