Riley Anne - Episode 187: Spanked for Spreading Rumors (SpankingSororityGirls) (2020 | FullHD)

Teacher Clare Fonda calls the super cute Riley Anne into her office and accuses her of spreading rumors. Riley denies it, so Clare decides to get to the bottom of matters by putting Riley over her knee for a long, sound spanking on her bare bottom. Clare even rubs cream on the red bottom of Riley, which will probably get Clare into some trouble since this was what the rumors were about.
Audrey - The Late Model  Part 2 of 2 (PunishedBrats) (2020 | FullHD)

Audrey arrived at the Mr. Pierson’s studio at 4.30 pm when the call time was 9.30 am. Audrey was jokingly known as the late Audrey for her propensity to arrive late for her shoots. Mr. Pierson was aware of her poor behavior and discussed his concerns with Audrey despite her managements assurance that the bratty model had learned her lesson. She promised to be on time but felt that a 9.30 am call time to be an act of barbarism . Audrey arrived at Mr. Pierson’s studio at 4.30 pm to find the studio barren of crew with only an agitated David Pierson present. David had great affection for the amazing model known as Audrey but knew that this behavior could not be condoned by him. When Audrey arrived with a bad attitude to cover up for the fact the she was unconscionably late Mr. Pierson knew that this brat needed some strong discipline. With the threat of another call to her management coming from this major producer Audrey agreed to be spanked. She was stunned as her jeans and panties were lowered but was even more disconcerted by the ferocity of the spanking being applied to her bare bottom by her irate producer.
Prisoner’s Dilemma (2020 | HD)

WW experimented a bit with the game theory problem which is called the ‘Prisoners Dilemma’. The big question for the 2 prisoners is wether to testify against the other or not. They must make they decision individually which is important regarding the punishment that they will receive. In the final round the audience will be the jury who decides about the extra punishment. Initially it seems like an exciting game, but the girl soon realize that they are facing a painful ordeal. After the success of the Milgram Experiment we are back with a new reality based film.
Take it Like a Good Girl - Brutal Swats - Naughty Babysitter Finale – 7 (2020 | HD)

After removing the Ginger, Discipline will culminate with a very heavy prison strapping on her burning swollen bottom. The brutal leather has her gasping and sobbing in agony as she bravely submits. She is inexplicably aroused under his harsh discipline, still fantasizing about pleasing him and hoping he will take advantage of her offers. A giant drilled frat paddle has her sobbing as she counts her final swats. Her eyes still wet with tears, she grateful takes her place on her knees.
Tiki - Extreme Part 1 (2020 | SD)

Listing Description: This is part one of a 30 minute severe punishment I gave Tiki in front of twenty strangers at a spanking party. I had already punished her the night before in front of others and decided that when she acted up during the day, that I would make this spanking a one she would never forget. Since I still talk to her all the time…trust me she hasn’t. I start off in part one with a hard Patterson single-tail whip over her jeans. I then make her pull down her jeans for a bare bottomed whipping! I move on to a hundred-year-old cowboy’s cattle-driving whip on the bare! Then moving on to an American prison strap. This is fourteen minutes of rescued and remastered footage that was lost as the tape had broken down. I did some restoration magic and now this twenty-one year old punishment is yours for the disciplinary pleasure only a real punishment like this can deliver sometimes.