The Master, Missy - Ass Whipped Raw – Pain Slut – 2 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

Eager to continue, she pushes her ass out for the big prison strap. The collision on bare flesh explodes in the small room, falling hard and fast. Gasping in pain, her as jiggles under the brutal impact. Switching sides to punish each cheek equally, she lets out a moan with each heavy lick. Catching her breathe, a scorpion whip begins to punish her angry red flesh. The sting is unbelievable, she is soon gasping and moaning in pain, thrusting out, begging for more. WHIPPING, WELTS, PAIN SLUT, MASOCHIST, MOANING, PAWG, BIG BOTTOM, SINGLE TAIL, FLOGGER, BDSM, SPANKING
Mia Beth Honey, Sarah Stern - My House Rules (Spanking Sarah) (2020 | FullHD)

I don’t know why it is but my hired help never seems to stay with me for very long. I treat them very well, but maybe I am too kind. When they start work for me I tell them my house rules, any one who breaks them gets spanked. Well Just to make sure that Mia Beth understands this I am going to give her a spanking just as an initiation into the world of work. Featuring the very beautiful Mia Beth, fresh and a WOW! But boy she can take a spanking. First in her tiny denim Daisy Dukes and then on the bare bottom.
Sarah Stern, Suzanne Smart - Nun Punished for Duplicity (Spanking Sarah) (2020 | FullHD)

Sister Suzanne has been caught out telling lies, true, she was tricked into wearing some very sexy and revealing underwear but she did not tell the truth as to how she came to be flaunting her body. She needs punishment and it’s my job to make sure that she gets it. Her bottom is already exposed so, in what is left of her habit she goes over my knees for a really hard spanking on the bare bottom.
Lulu Lamb, Sarah Stern - The Wrong Job (Spanking Sarah) (2020 | FullHD)

I am having a big party for all my friends and have hired in a maid from the Sexy Cleaning Company to help out, prepare the drinks and get the food sorted. When I go to see how she is getting on I find her doing my ironing. Now as welcome as that maybe it’s not helping me with my party which I feel sure will be ruined. At least with the girls from this agency they do expect t o be punished but I don’t think Lulu quite expected the degree and depth of my anger.
Blair Williams, Elori Stix - Blair Spanks Elori Long and Hard (Spanked Call Girls) (2020 | FullHD)

Blair Williams was spanked by Madam Clare and it was all the fault of Elori Stix, who admitted as much after Double Dan spanked her. Now Blair is looking for some payback. Blair puts Elori over her knee for a long and very painful spanking and paddling on her already sore bottom.
Clare Fonda, Anastasia Rose - Episode 339: Clare Spanks Her Sexy New Roommate (My Spanking Roommate) (2020 | FullHD)

Clare Fonda has a new roommate and this time it is the sexy, petite (but with bubble-butt) Anastasia Rose. Clare has certain expectations for their relationship, and when Anastasia resists, Clare puts her over her knee in the kitchen and gives Anastasia and painful spanking on her bare bottom with hand, and a rubber spatula that leaves her unable to sit for days.
Lola Reay, Sarah Stern - Chastised From the Breaking The Habit series (Spanking Sarah) (2020 | FullHD)

Once again the mad nun Sister Stern is out to save those who have no wish to be saved and indeed don’t really need saving. This is all in pursuit of her desire to punish as many lovely young ladies as she can. Poor Lala Lola Reay must now suffer the second part of her torment, a sound and very painful bare bottom CANING. Now this was the very first CANING she has ever experienced and, well see what you think.
Lulu Lamb, Sarah Stern - Extra Strokes (Spanking Sarah) (2020 | FullHD)

Lulu really has spoiled my party, she is supposed to be a maid, I should have known better than to get her from the Sexy Cleaning Company! Once I have cancelled all my friends, I had to tell them just what she had done, I decided to complete her punishment with my newest favourite cane. I gave her a real hard whacking and then I gave her extra strokes. Just because she really did not show signs of remorse.