Lucy Lauren - Racing Stables Discipline – BF/Stripped nude and strapped to the limit: Lucy Lauren feels Zoe’s anger (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

Bent over a chair totally naked, pretty stable groom Lucy Lauren is strapped with a leather tawse as boss Zoe Page struggles to keep Lucy in line. Rumours of affairs and leaked information are everywhere in Racing Stables Discipline. Zoe believes in corporal punishment, Lucy has to accept it. Bottom jiggling slow-motion replays!
Mr. Baxter, Helena - Severe Caning (The Xerotics) (2020 | HD)

Mr Baxter sits down for a word with Helena. He has had a call from another parent and learned that the party she recently attended and told him had adult permission and supervision in fact had neither. She was out very late, but he was under the impression it was a safe environment. The parents were away on holiday and came back to a house that was trashed because all sorts of mischief went on. She admitted to having a couple of drinks, and he then expresses his biggest concern, boys. He doesn’t want to know the details, but tells her a short sharp lesson with the cane is in order. Helena is told to lay across a bench and stool in the middle of the room. The target is immediately bared, and she is given repeated harsh cold cane strokes. Tears soon pour down Helena’s face as the cane burns into her bottom. The cane leaves white hot welts all over from this lengthy punishment. When Helena is finally stood up and told to have a rub and think about it, we see her with a tear-stained face, rubbing her very sore and welted backside.
Apricot Pitts, Mr. Smith - Apricots Masturbation While being Spanked Fantasy (Worst Behavior Productions) (2020 | HD)

Apricot is heading to see Ms Mysti for discipline but in her bed she fantasizes a strong man spanking her and paddling her bare bottom hard. She also opens wide for Penalty Swats. The vibrator and swats make her climax. A very sexy film.
Belinda Lawson - Spa Rules – E/Belinda’s bottom breaks the ping pong paddle but that doesn’t stop her spanking! (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

Belinda Lawson is soundly spanked on her bubble butt with a ping pong bat – until it breaks! Earl Grey has to carry on with his hand in Spa Rules. She’s seen her employee Helen Stephens spanked for upsetting a customer. Now it’s Belinda’s turn to take responsibility. Cheek quivering slow-motion replay and behind-the-scenes exclusive!
Amelia Rutherford - The Facility – E  mouth-soaping and naked whipping teaches her a memorable lesson (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

Trapped in The Facility, investigative journalist is out of her depth as she has to submit to Anthony Scott and show complete obedience to the Rule Book. Profanity gets her an instant mouth-soaping while she’s whipped naked with a riding crop. “I wrote the scene and even bought the soap,” admits Amelia. “Two mistakes in one day, it tasted horrid!”
Lucy Lauren - Racing Stables Discipline – BE/Spanked and strapped, panties down: pretty Lucy Lauren doesn’t have a choice! (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

“I’m going to spank you until you quit!” stables boss Zoe Page tells stunning Lucy Lauren in Racing Stables Discipline. “I’m going to make that bottom, sore, red and burning.” Zoe has discovered Lucy’s been sleeping with a rival trainer, so stopped her wages. Zoe has a total power trip before baring Lucy’s pert bottom for a long hard spanking. Will she submit?
The Master,Dani Sorrento - Dani Whipped Raw – Slut Whipping 2 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

The 5 foot Snake Whip cuts through the air with a violent crack, the tip burning as is cuts fresh welts across her punished ass. Her cheeks wobble under the impact, angry red and raw. Moaning, and crying out as the lash covers her ample bottom, she wonders how much of the sharp pain she can endure. She endures her very first whipping, her ass left raw and burning, finished off with a thick leather paddle and cane strokes. DANI SORRENTO, SPANK DANI, BARE BOTTOM WHIPPING, WHIPPING, BDSM, WELTS, SINGLE TAIL WHIPPING, FLOGGING, PADDLING, CANE, RAW