The Master,Dani Sorrento - Dani Whipped Raw – Slut Whipping 2 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

The 5 foot Snake Whip cuts through the air with a violent crack, the tip burning as is cuts fresh welts across her punished ass. Her cheeks wobble under the impact, angry red and raw. Moaning, and crying out as the lash covers her ample bottom, she wonders how much of the sharp pain she can endure. She endures her very first whipping, her ass left raw and burning, finished off with a thick leather paddle and cane strokes. DANI SORRENTO, SPANK DANI, BARE BOTTOM WHIPPING, WHIPPING, BDSM, WELTS, SINGLE TAIL WHIPPING, FLOGGING, PADDLING, CANE, RAW