Bikinni Padling - Hailey 3 11/15/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Hailey was really naughty on her spring break vacation. When her fun turned into a drunk and disorderly arrest, Lilly was only too happy to tell me about it. I had Hailey change into an almost nothing string bikini (the same one she was wearing when arrested) and paddle her hard as she wore the bikini… and then pulling off her bottoms, to feel the full impact of the leather paddle. This is one HOT spanking!
Lilly Hall - Runaway Neighbor 7 11/1/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Bringing home the domestic disciplinary tool! Lilly said ‘ I really felt like a naughty schoolgirl, coming home to her dad’s hairbrush!’ Lilly is now back (where she belonged in the first place)…college. Part of spanking discipline ( a big part), is instilling the fear of getting another spanking. Lilly hates spankings…but appreciates the results!
Snow Mercy - Marked For Meanness 4 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

What makes these clips so special (Aside from it being the fifteenth anniversary of the first spanking I gave Snow) is that she brought this disciplinary request to me, based on behaviors she is not proud of in respect to her own staff at home. In this clip she is severely paddled with that stiff and painful paddle-strap, before being whipped thoroughly with that infamous ruler strap of mine. When her pool engineer, (explained in video) seems to have added more chlorine to the pool than Snow wished, she decided that the proper course of action was to push him into the pool. It ruined his work phone with all his business contacts. The kicker was that her husband Edward (the one who sent her to me) told Jason to add more chlorine as they were having a pool party that weekend. if seeing a bitchy, yoga-wife getting a severe spanking OTK and bare-bottomed… You will love watching Snow getting this requested, real disciplinary spanking within a spanking fantasy. Win/Win! *The photo galleries for the last two updates were inadvertantly swapped. The below gallery is from the last RUBBER PADDLING of Snow.*
Abby The Stand-in Hand Paddle (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Abby was my friend and coworker, long before I gave her a first- ever spanking. The first time I ever suggested she come work for me, I really didn’t like her attitude. She scoffed and actually told me ‘ Yeah, that’s never going to happen’. As luck would have it ( unlucky for her) she got into a money jam and came to me. First she just tried to borrow money, of which replied ‘ Yeah, that’s not going to happen’, putting her back in her place from before. This was actually a real disciplinary spanking I gave Abby regarding a botched job her roommate did for me, and Abby had recommended to me. If you like to see a vanilla girl getting a hand spanking and paddling like a super not vanilla, you will enjoy this first time remaster!
Destiny2 OTK To Tears (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Destiny came to me desiring to work for me on a more full-time basis. I did need help around my place, chores, errands etc. After her initial test for the position from our first meeting and filming, she came to me with a confession about breaking my lucky coffee mug. I had taken notes on her job performance myself, such as leaving a long gansta-rap backbeat on my business answering service line, not mailing out items given to her to mail, choosing to leave them in her car until the next day. She new my rules from the get go about poor job performance. She is stripped naked and given a long hard OTK hand spanking, that has her firm backside blistered and her face wet with tears.
Lilly - First Whipping – Runaway Neighbor 2 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Lilly is taught that running away from her disciplinarian , was not a wise move. This week Lilly gets her first taste of the whip, bringing your ‘ The Story of O’ fantasies alive. Enjoy Lilly’s well deserved tears, as the painful and heavy whip lands true, time and time again. I have a non-filmed session with her this Saturday…so I would say she is learning.
Abby, Jawel - Remastered and Re-Edited for First Time! (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

This awesome first time remaster of a classic real disciplinary spanking I gave to Abby. Of course it starts out with me spanking Jewel for not doing her all of her chores. That was expected of her and consequences were handed out daily if not performed. A knock at the door gives my submissive a reprieve until later, as Jewel greet Abby at the door and walks her into the corner , where a stool awaits her. After bare bottomed corner time, she is told to pull up her jeans. She actually thought I had changed my mind! ( silly girl) I start with an amazingly hard hand spanking as she is put over my knee. Fast and hard ones have her yelping, only to have her pull her jeans down for an unbelievable bottom bruising spanking of my vanilla stand-in friend. What many don’t know is that the real reason behind this spanking, was her recommendation to hire her cute roommate to do some photo editing for me. Her friend actually lost some jpgs and Abby agreed to take her spanking for her. NTW… I actually spanked her roommate after this as she felt horrible after seeing the state of Abby’s bottom. She just didn’t want it filmed. It was epic though!
Runaway Neighbor 1 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Aside from being my model in three other shoot’s before this one. Lilly Hall and I were friends and neighbors first. Many don’t know that I was actually taking on the roll of her disciplinarian at this time as well. When she grew to the point where the spankings became more frequent do to her behavior, she actually put her house she inherited up for rent and moved away without telling me. She disappeared for over a year ( Much like Elexis Monroe did in ‘Disappearing Discipline’) When she moved back into her grandmother’s old house, she knew she would have to make the call to me. She also knew what would come from that. I let her know with no uncertain terms, that she was in some real trouble. She could also expect some different punishments coming her way. After a short interview ( which she thought was pretty funny btw) she is sent to the corner to think about her actions, before being sent to the bedroom to wait face down and naked on the bed. I use two different canes on her bare upturned and unwarmed up bottom. This is a long and methodical caning that brought some great tram-lines to her sensitive bottom. She had not been spanked in a year…but this did not keep me from going harder with her this day. This is part 1 of a 90- minute punishment, filmed only last Friday.
Head or Tails Butts 1 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Sabrina (who has worked my cameras for a few years now ) suggested we do some of the best HD ALL FACES and ALL BUTTS in one film. This is the first time we have remastered and edited this compilation of her vision. This week we have the first segment of the ALL BUTTS portion of our hit film ‘ Heads or Tails’. Featuring your favorite models butts, getting hard hand spankings, paddling, strapping and even caning! A nice long clip of those fantastic bottoms getting blistered…just the way you like it!