Snow Meanness – Razor Strap (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Snow’s nanny Candace or ‘ Candy the Nanny’ as Snow calls her, decided to take her husband’s two kids to Reseda for the day. She family lived there and adored them. She went for an outing and returned. When Snow asked Candy where they were that day and then found out where they went…she threw a hissy fit. Snow grabbed her by the hair as to make a point to never take them around ‘ those kids’ again. Her elite white privilege surfacing in a very concerning ( and frankly disgusting way) When Candace threatened to quit , having had enough of the abuse at Snow’s hands, Edwin stepped in and promised Candace that she would be dealt with. This is the strapping for that offense! Keep in mind that Candace and the rest of the staff would be watching this rich snob getting a bare bottomed blistering for her actions. The thought of the entire staff entering Edwin’s screening room to watch this entire punishment…makes it all worth it!
Bikini Blisyering – Hailey Gets The Ruler Strap (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Hailey and I had something in common…We are both surfers! When I found out from Lilly Hall that Hailey skipped out of school early, to surf the hurricane Dorian swells. I had to remind her about our agreement. That agreement was to help her stay focused on her studies, first and foremost. School was going to close early as a precaution to the hurricane. The fact that she left before a test…Was not OK. She had heard from Lilly about this thin strap ‘that hurt so much’ according to her. This is why I chose this strap! I wanted them to have a mutual focus, even when it came to a blistered, bare bottom. You will see just how eye opening this strapping was for this beauty…and just how right Lilly had been!
Snow Meanness 5 – The Devil’s Tongue (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

When Snow contacted me about an idea she had for a shoot, based on her own concerns with the way she her staff, I thought it had a great potential for fantasy meets reality. I could tell she was troubled and knew that a severe punishment spanking session, would help her personal guilt and provide a great storyline. She admits to being a real taskmaster with her staff at home. Not to the level of darkness portrayed in this storyline mind you, but something she needed to have addressed and a spanking handed out. Snow has know for fifteen years, that she could rely on me to come to for discipline. This scene has to do with the way she treated her personal cook Marlena. Marlena was instructed to buy only organic fruits and vegetables. When organic bell peppers were not to be found anywhere in the city, Marlena purchased a non-organic variety. When our mean yoga wife found oud, she made Marlena finely chop Ghost Peppers, that subsequently hospitalized her cook. This is why ( based on some of the treatment her own personal cook in her real life) I decided on the Devils Tongue. FYI- I purchased the Devil’s tongue to punish Tiki. When Tiki got her massage therapy license, she had to take on the responsibility of keeping track of her appointments. After she forgot her first one she was warned. When the second ‘ Oh shit!…I forgot!’ happened, sending her running out the door. I told her…’You were warned’. The next day I took her to the Pleasure Chest in LA and I found the Devil’s Tongue. I made her wear a short skirt there and actually tested it on her as e held up her dress in back ( much to the appreciation of the salesgirl. " That is HORRIBLE!’ , she exclaimed. That salesgirl would end up working for be later…getting caned. Remember Emma?
Lilly Hall - Runaway Neighbor 8 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

This finished Lilly Hall’s long day of punishment, for running away from her disciplinary program. I closed out the day with the Maplewood paddle (that was used on Samantha Woodley, on the infamous day she ran away from her punishment) because of the intense sting, by being both light and dense. The burn is immense!
Bikinni Padling - Hailey 3 11/15/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Hailey was really naughty on her spring break vacation. When her fun turned into a drunk and disorderly arrest, Lilly was only too happy to tell me about it. I had Hailey change into an almost nothing string bikini (the same one she was wearing when arrested) and paddle her hard as she wore the bikini… and then pulling off her bottoms, to feel the full impact of the leather paddle. This is one HOT spanking!
Lilly Hall - Runaway Neighbor 7 11/1/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Bringing home the domestic disciplinary tool! Lilly said ‘ I really felt like a naughty schoolgirl, coming home to her dad’s hairbrush!’ Lilly is now back (where she belonged in the first place)…college. Part of spanking discipline ( a big part), is instilling the fear of getting another spanking. Lilly hates spankings…but appreciates the results!
Snow Mercy - Marked For Meanness 4 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

What makes these clips so special (Aside from it being the fifteenth anniversary of the first spanking I gave Snow) is that she brought this disciplinary request to me, based on behaviors she is not proud of in respect to her own staff at home. In this clip she is severely paddled with that stiff and painful paddle-strap, before being whipped thoroughly with that infamous ruler strap of mine. When her pool engineer, (explained in video) seems to have added more chlorine to the pool than Snow wished, she decided that the proper course of action was to push him into the pool. It ruined his work phone with all his business contacts. The kicker was that her husband Edward (the one who sent her to me) told Jason to add more chlorine as they were having a pool party that weekend. if seeing a bitchy, yoga-wife getting a severe spanking OTK and bare-bottomed… You will love watching Snow getting this requested, real disciplinary spanking within a spanking fantasy. Win/Win! *The photo galleries for the last two updates were inadvertantly swapped. The below gallery is from the last RUBBER PADDLING of Snow.*
Abby The Stand-in Hand Paddle (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Abby was my friend and coworker, long before I gave her a first- ever spanking. The first time I ever suggested she come work for me, I really didn’t like her attitude. She scoffed and actually told me ‘ Yeah, that’s never going to happen’. As luck would have it ( unlucky for her) she got into a money jam and came to me. First she just tried to borrow money, of which replied ‘ Yeah, that’s not going to happen’, putting her back in her place from before. This was actually a real disciplinary spanking I gave Abby regarding a botched job her roommate did for me, and Abby had recommended to me. If you like to see a vanilla girl getting a hand spanking and paddling like a super not vanilla, you will enjoy this first time remaster!
Destiny2 OTK To Tears (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Destiny came to me desiring to work for me on a more full-time basis. I did need help around my place, chores, errands etc. After her initial test for the position from our first meeting and filming, she came to me with a confession about breaking my lucky coffee mug. I had taken notes on her job performance myself, such as leaving a long gansta-rap backbeat on my business answering service line, not mailing out items given to her to mail, choosing to leave them in her car until the next day. She new my rules from the get go about poor job performance. She is stripped naked and given a long hard OTK hand spanking, that has her firm backside blistered and her face wet with tears.