Luci Lovett, Miss Elizabeth - Episode 217: Luci Spanked For Smoking (Spanking Sorority Girls) (2019 | FullHD)

When Luci Lovett is caught smoking on campus, Miss Elizabeth visits the sorority house to teach her a lesson. One of the hardest spankers in the biz, Miss Elizabeth puts Luci over her knee and delivers a painful spanking that will surely allow Luci to correct her behavior. Luci is also bratty, which gets her more with the paddle. When it is over, Luci is sore and has trouble sitting.
Chelsea - Spanks Snow Mercy (Elizabeth, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Snow Mercy) (2019 | SD)

Elizabeth’s Spanking: I met Elizabeth through a social networking site. She’s a brilliant young woman, successful in her professional life and into being spanked in her private life. This woman is for real, had never done any video work and doesn’t posses the figure of a "model". If you like fuller figures, you’ll love her. She’s charming and cherubic, sexy, submissive and sensual. Plus, she takes a hand spanking, of course.