Helen Stephens - Spa Rules – B/Having her bare bottom spanked in not what Helen Stephens expects at work! (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

Lying bare bottomed over Earl Grey’s knee, Helen Stephens’ cheeks are bouncing red as her first spanking is completed in Spa Rules. It was her jokey suggestion that he spanked her, watched by spa boss Belinda Lawson – who is next! “I could feel my cheeks wobbling around as he spanked, it was a weird feeling,” said Helen. Earl laughed: “She’s got a good bouncy bottom!”
Christy Cutie, The Master - Silky Panty Paddling – Proper Panties – 4 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

Her pretty face streaked with tears, she changes into another pair of big silky panties, humiliated. Back in position, the cruel paddling continues as her tears fall freely. She begins to cry hysterically, begging for it to be over. He lowers her panties to inspect her bare bottom. CHRISTY CUTIE, SECRETARY, OFFICE SPANKING, OFFICE FANTASY, OTK SPANKING, HUMILIATION, PADDLING, PANTY FETISH, SPANKED TO TEARS
Casey Calvert,Codey Steele - Masks – Part 2 (Worst Behavior Productions) (2020 | HD)

Casey Calvert and Codey Steele perform a story about a couple who likes kink/spanking and his signal is to leave the masks out on the bed for her to wake to. She bathes for him and is waiting for him when he walks through the door home from work. He takes her through a series of spankings, paddling, strapping and penalty swats as the changes sexy lingerie 3 times during the movie from a see-through catsuit, to a lady-like but very sexy garter set to a tiny teddy. The orgasm at the end is very real and you will feast on this visually stunning film.
Amelia Rutherford - The Facility – B/Stripped naked, Amelia Rutherford discovers the painful reality of The Facility (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

Disobedience isn’t tolerated at The Facility, as investigative journalist Amelia Rutherford discovers when she refuses to follow instructions. She’s a professional, but finds herself at the mercy of Anthony Scott who explains that they need more women as companions for the organisation’s mysterious officials. If she won’t comply, she’ll be punished and a tough totally nude spanking over his knee is the penalty, before he fits a locked collar round her neck. She’s left naked and humiliated with a throbbing red bottom.
Amelia Rutherford - The Facility – A/Amelia Rutherford is back with an all-new series of spanking adventures (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

The Facility. She plays an investigative journalist who is sent to a training centre for submissive females. When she doesn’t comply, her bare bottom pays the penalty for her lack of compliance. “The series is my idea of a near-future dystopian society, with submissiveness as a requirement for all female – as if!” laughs Amelia.
Racing Stables Discipline – BA/Lucy returns in new series of Racing Stables Discipline – and gets spanked! (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

Hottie stable groom Lucy Lauren thinks she has the upper hand on her boss Zoe Page. But the only hand she feels is one on her bare bottom as Zoe delivers a blistering spanking! Racing Stables Discipline returns in a new series: “It’s full of surprises, but one thing I’m sure of: I get spanked and beaten a lot more!” laughed Lauren.
Save Your Friend (Elite Pain) (2020 | HD)

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