Helen Stephens - Reform Academy DZH/Helen Stephens takes a Reform Academy strapping on leggings and bare bottom (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Kneeling on a low bench, bottom in the air, stunning Helen Stephens grits her teeth as Earl Grey uses a leather tawse on her bottom, protected only by skintight leggings. Not happy with her attitude, he orders her to lie flat on his desk, bottom bare for more lashes with his strap. But she can’t control her mouth, earning extras. Awesome Reaction Cam!
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy DZA/Six of the best with a springy cane for Helen Stephens, held on Belinda’s back (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Hoisted on Belinda Lawson’s back, wrists held tight, Helen Stephens feels Earl Grey’s cane across her tight denim shorts. Six of the best for complaining about an earlier punishment, but still Helen can’t keep her mouth shut and earns an extra six strokes. Classic Reaction Cam and slow-motion replays from Reform Academy. To be continued.
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy DX/Spanked bare bottom to the max: Helen Stephens is over the knee for dishonesty (Firm Hand Spanking) (2019 | HD)

Lying over Earl Grey’s knee at Reform Academy, pretty doe-eyed Helen Stephens can’t resist mocking him, earning an even longer bare bottom spanking! Already punished by Mr Johnson, Helen and Belinda Lawson are in trouble for dishonesty and attitude at their government agency, and have to face the spanking power of Mr Grey instead.
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy DQ/Bare paddling for pretty Helen Stephens gets her bottom jumping! (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Wearing school uniform to mock Philip Johnson’s Reform Academy discipline is a major error for pretty Helen Stephens. She’s been spanked for it, but Belinda Lawson hides the leather paddle to save their bottoms! It’s soon discovered and used across Helen’s bare, jiggling buttocks until they’re flame red. Reaction Cam replay shows it’s real!
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy DP/Disrespect costs pretty Helen Stephens a bare bottom spanking! (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Reporting to Reform Academy wearing short school uniform skirts gets stunning Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson into more trouble with Mr Johnson. Helen is swiftly over his knee, skirt up and panties down, to have her bare bottom soundly spanked for disrespect. Hot Reaction Cam and cheek-jiggling slow motion! The paddle is still to come.
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy DB/Over the knee, panties down, for a resounding spanking: Helen feels the burn (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Pretty Helen Stephens may look innocent but her attitude problem is swiftly adjusted with a bare bottom spanking over Philip Johnson’s knee at Reform Academy. “Being put over a man’s knee is a strange feeling,” admits the doe-eyed beauty. “When he started spanking, it went on and on for ages.” See her wide-eyed, teeth gritting reaction!
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy CV/Stripped naked, Helen Stephens bends over for a series finale caning (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens works for a secret government establishment that demands the highest standards. When things go wrong, the Reform Academy delivers punishment. Earl Grey orders Helen to strip naked and bend over for her creamy white buttocks to be striped 18 times with his stinging cane. Epic reaction camera replays!
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy CU/Will a bare bottom dose of the metre ruler cure Helen Stephens of tardiness? (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Bent over a gym vault with her skirt raised and panties pulled down, pretty Helen Stephens grits her teeth as she waits for Earl Grey to apply a metre ruler across her jutting bare buttocks. This is Reform Academy and the discipline is tough! “The ruler stung worse that I expected, so my yelps are real,” said doe-eyed Helen ruefully.
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy CF/Fabulous creamy bare bottom whipping for stunning Helen Stephens (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Slo-mo cheek rippling replays and complete Reaction Cam replays make this a rare treat as exclusive Firm Hand star Helen Stephens has her bare bottom whipped with a flogger. “I wasn’t expecting it to sting quite as much,” she said, “so my reactions are totally real!” Earl Grey gives her bottom a workout at Reform Academy.