Lilly Hall - Runaway Neighbor 8 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

This finished Lilly Hall’s long day of punishment, for running away from her disciplinary program. I closed out the day with the Maplewood paddle (that was used on Samantha Woodley, on the infamous day she ran away from her punishment) because of the intense sting, by being both light and dense. The burn is immense!
Lilly Hall - Runaway Neighbor 7 11/1/19 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Bringing home the domestic disciplinary tool! Lilly said ‘ I really felt like a naughty schoolgirl, coming home to her dad’s hairbrush!’ Lilly is now back (where she belonged in the first place)…college. Part of spanking discipline ( a big part), is instilling the fear of getting another spanking. Lilly hates spankings…but appreciates the results!
Lilly - First Whipping – Runaway Neighbor 2 (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Lilly is taught that running away from her disciplinarian , was not a wise move. This week Lilly gets her first taste of the whip, bringing your ‘ The Story of O’ fantasies alive. Enjoy Lilly’s well deserved tears, as the painful and heavy whip lands true, time and time again. I have a non-filmed session with her this Saturday…so I would say she is learning.