Jeans, Bare - Hailey Triple Play 4 – Over (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2020 | SD)

This has some great nuggets in it! The shorts she is wearing here date back to her early teens ( The patch a gift from her younger sister) They were both paddled together by their father. She and her sister often dreamed of going on vacation together ( thus the secret meaning behind the patch) Here is the other interesting thing about Hailey! She shared the story of her spanking with a good friend. Her friend ( an attractive blonde) came down on her at first. Then what happened?… The same friend asked for my contact info and in turn contacted me. She didn’t end up working…but showed an interest in it after being so judgmental at first. This is a great spanking of a vanilla beauty that uses spankings in her life now for motivation!
Hailey Triple Play 1 – First Caning (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2020 | SD)

This one has it all! A young Madeleine Stowe look-a-like, in a cocktail dress and pumps, is handcuffed and caned for the first time, with two different canes! Hailey is scolded before facing the fireplace mantle, having her slinky dress pulled up, she tries her best to assume the position she was ordered to remain in. Her cuffed wrists, only adding to her discomfort. The strokes whistle, as they produce the sound only a rattan cane can makes against a firm, bare bottom! A breathtaking look at the beauty of real discipline.
Marked For Meanness 7 – First Caning In Years (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2020 | SD)

At the end of this long day, our bitchy yoga-wife needed to apologize to the most important person of all…Edward her husband! He put up with her behavior the best he could, until he realized that by not addressing it, was creating a monster. This is why I save the cane for last on her sore and bruised bottom. When you get tramlines on a bottom, that has been severely spanked… you know the caning is being effective! You will love how she apologizes to her husband, at the same time hearing that whizzing-sound of the cane and the loud ((TWACK)), as it makes contact with her firm bottom. Real disciplinary spankings that are both fantasy, but wherein Snow is punished for some of the very real behaviors in her real life, make this an amazing journey into pain and contrition.
Hailey - Domestic Remembrance (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2020 | SD)

Hailey’s father used to paddle she and her sister pretty frequently growing up. That is why her submission to spankings as a tool for her own personal betterment is extraordinary! This was her first taste of a wooden paddle on her bare bottom, since those bare bottom ones she got at the hand of her minister father (including ones they got in the back of the church if they acted up during his sermon) She has since told her father (and sister) about her coming to me for spankings. Her father (who has since left the church) actually laughed about it saying " That is so you Hailey!" She and her father are very close and tell each other everything. Her younger sister has stayed with the church, so she would never discuss these spankings with her. Hailey is so awesome! Her candor and openness is incredible!
Hailey 7 – No Helmet Spanking (Disciplinary Arts) (2020 | SD)

The best thing about Hailey’s reintroduction to disciplinary spankings ( Father used to paddle she and her sister) was that she wanted to be disciplined for real reasons in her life ( just like father did) In this instance, it was some of her more dangerous decisions. Lilly Hall ( they go to same school) is only too happy to spill the beans on Hailey regarding these decisions. When she informed me that Hailey has been riding her bike and motorcycles without a helmet, I felt it necessary to remind her about the damage a road could do. She had an accident riding at school and luckily crashed onto a lawn. This should have been a wake up call…but it wasn’t. That is why I decided to use the subliminal meaning behind the rubber paddle. She has been using a certified DOT helmet ever since.
The Mentor Part 1 of 2 (Punished Brats) (2020 | SD)

Dixon is applying to Beverly’s alma mater and seeks Ms. Bacci’s financial assistance and influence with the school to help get her accepted. Beverly is uncertain about the girl, but agrees to take her under her wing provided the girl is willing to do exactly as instructed. 1. Opportunity Knocks Dixon is not making the best impression on Beverly with her sloppy outfit and poor manners, but Ms. Bacci has faith that the girl has what it takes to be a successful student based on what was written in the application letter. Beverly insists that if she is to offer her assistance, Dixon will do anything she says, effective immediately. This includes removing her offensive clothing and taking a bare bottom spanking for her obnoxious attitude. 2. Shopping Spree Beverly’s first goal is to ensure Dixon is dressed appropriately for the conservative university. She does not trust Dixon with her credit card so she hands her a sum of cash with instructions on what to purchase and to bring receipts. Dixon returns many hours later with the receipts that show she didn’t follow a single instruction and instead bought more outrageous clothing, posters, and even a fancy glass bong! Beverly bends the girl over on the spot for a hairbrush spanking. 3. Application Letter Beverly is proofreading Dixon’s formal application letter and notices something is odd. The details of the paper make Beverly think it wasn’t actually written by Dixon herself. After first trying to deny it, Beverly catches her when asking questions about what was written. When Dixon fails miserably, she sheepishly admits that she paid someone else to write it for her. This time Dixon must endure a heavy dose of the leather strap.
Lily Starr, Alex Reynolds - Irate Roommate: The Ruined Laundry F/F (Disciplinary Arts) (2020 | SD)

Alex Reynolds comes into Lily’s bedroom really angry because she had asked Lily to sort her laundry and washed it along with her own clothes only to find her things ruined because Lily left a blue pair of pants in with the light colors. Lily says sorry and tries to blow it off like no big deal, but Alex is not going to be satisfied with a halfhearted apology and has brought a rubber spatula from the kitchen, already planning to give her thoughtless roommate a spanking. She pulls Lily over her lap, lifts her skirt and spanks her over her panties and on the bare, then lays into her with the very stingy implement. Alex makes sure Lily learns to pay closer attention when she is sorting the laundry from now on!
Lily Starr, Robert Wolfe – Candy Caned - Lily Punished Severely for Inappropriate Christmas Party Behavior M/F (Disciplinary Arts) (2020 | SD)

Robert and Lily have just gotten back to their hotel room after attending his company Christmas party in Las Vegas. Robert thinks Lily had a little too much "fun" at the party, considering it was a work function for him. She had a little too much to drink, flirted with his coworker Tom all night, and just generally embarrassed him. When he tries to have a talk with her, he learns that she also stole some of the party decorations, two large braided plastic candy canes. Lily thinks he’s being unreasonable, it was a party and you’re supposed to have fun at parties, and anyway Tom was flirting with her too! But Robert doesn’t see it her way and decides to express his displeasure by pulling her across his lap for a spanking! He spanks her very hard OTK on her panties, and then makes Lily lay over a pillow on the bed to get her already red bottom severely striped with the canes she stole! Poor Lily gets innumerable harsh strokes as she screams and sobs throughout, until BOTH canes have been…
Natasha Peachey - Bare Bottom Caning (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | SD)

The sight of beautiful Natasha Peachey’s bottom being caned is one to bring a rush of blood to anyone lucky enough to witness it! So when this college girl takes liberties at her host’s house, she knows the penalty will be serious. Check out Natasha’s quivering, bare striped bottom as she takes six of the best, plus anexclusive interview.