Snow Meanness – Razor Strap (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Snow’s nanny Candace or ‘ Candy the Nanny’ as Snow calls her, decided to take her husband’s two kids to Reseda for the day. She family lived there and adored them. She went for an outing and returned. When Snow asked Candy where they were that day and then found out where they went…she threw a hissy fit. Snow grabbed her by the hair as to make a point to never take them around ‘ those kids’ again. Her elite white privilege surfacing in a very concerning ( and frankly disgusting way) When Candace threatened to quit , having had enough of the abuse at Snow’s hands, Edwin stepped in and promised Candace that she would be dealt with. This is the strapping for that offense! Keep in mind that Candace and the rest of the staff would be watching this rich snob getting a bare bottomed blistering for her actions. The thought of the entire staff entering Edwin’s screening room to watch this entire punishment…makes it all worth it!
Bikini Blisyering – Hailey Gets The Ruler Strap (Dallas Spanks Hard) (2019 | SD)

Hailey and I had something in common…We are both surfers! When I found out from Lilly Hall that Hailey skipped out of school early, to surf the hurricane Dorian swells. I had to remind her about our agreement. That agreement was to help her stay focused on her studies, first and foremost. School was going to close early as a precaution to the hurricane. The fact that she left before a test…Was not OK. She had heard from Lilly about this thin strap ‘that hurt so much’ according to her. This is why I chose this strap! I wanted them to have a mutual focus, even when it came to a blistered, bare bottom. You will see just how eye opening this strapping was for this beauty…and just how right Lilly had been!
Amelia Jane Rutherford, Katie Didit, Mr Stern - Redriding hood Part 2 (English Spankers) (2019 | SD)

Just as redridinghood Amelia Jane Rutherford is being spanked by Granny Katie Diddit along comes the woodcutter and he of course wants to take his turn at disciplining the naughty bottom on display before him. Joining Granny on the bed he turns Amelia over his lap and sets about her bottom with a good hard leather paddle. He has a strong right arm from chopping down trees and so gives this bare bottom a real hard paddling.