Suzanne Smart - Unladylike Manor Episode 39 The maid takes the pain (Spanking Sarah) (2019 | FullHD)

Suzanne the maid has been dreaming but now comes back to reality with a bump or rather a slap. Lord Stern returns home to find her siting at his dressing table reading his private book with none of her work done. He does not want to listen to her explanation and orders Kodders the butler to fetch his thickest spanking paddle. Suzanne has to kneel on the stool and take a severe session of paddling onto her panty clad bottom and then on her bare bottom.
Suzanne,Mr. Stern - A Visit To Mr Stern (English Spankers) (2019 | HD)

Suzanne was sent to see Mr. Stern by her husband about two years ago and she has now returned, this time of her own volition and Mr. Stern is not too sure he should punish her. She tells him why she wants to be punished and as she removes her coat we see that she has come through the streets with naked breasts and dressed in very sexy clothes. The requested punishment follows, a very harsh paddling with a carbon fiber paddle which is extremely painful.