The Master, Missy - Ass Whipped Raw – Pain Slut – 2 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

Eager to continue, she pushes her ass out for the big prison strap. The collision on bare flesh explodes in the small room, falling hard and fast. Gasping in pain, her as jiggles under the brutal impact. Switching sides to punish each cheek equally, she lets out a moan with each heavy lick. Catching her breathe, a scorpion whip begins to punish her angry red flesh. The sting is unbelievable, she is soon gasping and moaning in pain, thrusting out, begging for more. WHIPPING, WELTS, PAIN SLUT, MASOCHIST, MOANING, PAWG, BIG BOTTOM, SINGLE TAIL, FLOGGER, BDSM, SPANKING
The Master,Dani Sorrento - Dani Whipped Raw – Slut Whipping 2 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

The 5 foot Snake Whip cuts through the air with a violent crack, the tip burning as is cuts fresh welts across her punished ass. Her cheeks wobble under the impact, angry red and raw. Moaning, and crying out as the lash covers her ample bottom, she wonders how much of the sharp pain she can endure. She endures her very first whipping, her ass left raw and burning, finished off with a thick leather paddle and cane strokes. DANI SORRENTO, SPANK DANI, BARE BOTTOM WHIPPING, WHIPPING, BDSM, WELTS, SINGLE TAIL WHIPPING, FLOGGING, PADDLING, CANE, RAW
Casey Calvert, The Master - Somebody likes their Spankings – Spanked, Fingered, Forced Orgasm (Firm Hand Spanking) (2020 | HD)

In her bra and panties, Casey pushes her taut little bottom up to meet the swats reigning down. Pulling her panties down to reveal her enthusiasm, her soaked cunt is pleasured with his thick fingers before the spanking continues. At just the right rhythm and intensity, Casey begins to grind into his leg, riding the the perfect spanking orgasm as she lets go across Daddy’s knee. CASEY CALVERT, BARE BOTTOM SPANKING, FORCED ORGASM, FINGERING, SPANKED TO ORGASM, BRUNETTE, DADDYS GIRL, EROTIC SPANKING, OTK SPANKING, THONG FETISH, PORN STAR
The Master, Chrissy Marie - A Date with the Lash – Playtime for Chrissy (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

Chrissy looks forward to a date night of erotic pain and pleasure. Led to the bedroom, her dress is soon on the floor, leaving her standing in pretty black lingerie and heels. Climbing happily over the punishment bench to receive the discipline and attention she has craved. The whip whistles through the air, softly biting her skin. The burn of the lash sears into her flesh, building intensity. Gasping as the whip falls harder… CHRISSY MARIE, WHIPPING, LINGERIE, EROTIC, DOMESTIC, FANTASY, BDSM, WHIP WELTS
Christy Cutie, The Master - Silky Panty Paddling – Proper Panties – 4 (Assume The Position Studios) (2020 | HD)

Her pretty face streaked with tears, she changes into another pair of big silky panties, humiliated. Back in position, the cruel paddling continues as her tears fall freely. She begins to cry hysterically, begging for it to be over. He lowers her panties to inspect her bare bottom. CHRISTY CUTIE, SECRETARY, OFFICE SPANKING, OFFICE FANTASY, OTK SPANKING, HUMILIATION, PADDLING, PANTY FETISH, SPANKED TO TEARS
The Master, Chrissy Marie - Chrissy Marie HARSH Bare Strapping – Broken Curfew – 4 (Assume The Position Studios) (2019 | HD)

Just when Chrissy thinks her correction is over, she is ordered face down over the ottoman. A stiff, heavy leather strap cracks down explosively across her cheeks. Moaning in pain, her bottom is beaten relentlessly. Her lovely face contorts in pain as the her bare backside is punished. CHRISSY MARIE, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, BARE BOTTOM, STRAPPING, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT