Helen Stephens - Reform Academy CD/A stinging leather strap across her bare bottom: tough justice for Helen Stephens (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Bent over a desk at Reform Academy, doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens realises that, if she wants to keep her job, she has to accept corporal punishment. Her milky white ass is soundly spanked by Earl Grey with a two-tailed tawse. “I’ve never been strapped so my reactions are totally genuine!” she said. Awesome replays!
Alison Miller - Costume Correction J/Alison Miller’s caned bottom a spectacular sight in costume roleplay finale (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Alison Miller’s wacky costume roleplay series dips into Alice in Wonderland’s crazy world in a surreal exchange with cane-master John Friday. But there’s nothing surreal about the 14 cane strokes she endures across her bottom, each fiery thwack sending ripples across her buttocks and leaving tramlines of justice in this finale.
Belinda Lawson - Reform Academy CA/Belinda Lawson is sent to Reform Academy for a strict discipline programme (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Belinda Lawson sent to Reform Academy for strict discipline programme. This is what we’ve been waiting for: two beautiful young businesswomen sent to Reform Academy to improve their performance and behavior at work! Belinda Lawson is joined by hot British newcomer Helen Stephens for a bottom-reddening to remember. Belinda is first over Earl Grey’s knee for a resounding spanking, watched by a nervous Helen!
Lisa Langley - Attitude Adjustment DA/Head cheerleader spanked for a prank at school, bottom bouncing bare (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Meet NEW MODEL Lisa Langley as she discovers that she can still get spanked! Lying over her uncle’s knee, Lisa Langley discovers she’s not too old to be spanked, panties down, in all-new series Attitude Adjustment. “Being put over John Friday’s knee the first time was awkward,” says newcomer Lisa. “Then he pulled down my panties: super awkward. Being spanked was a new experience, but so fun too,” she confessed.
Alison Miller - Principals Office AQ/Alison Miller is back in The Principal’s Office for 12 swats with a wooden paddle! (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

“The one thing I dread is a wooden paddle,” admits Alison with a grim smile. “The sting goes so deep!” But as a top Firm Hand star, she knows a paddling is part of the deal. She reports to The Principal’s Office in tight jeans to be punished for failing to complete her project on time. Will 12 hard swats from Principal Friday help?
Lilian White - Celebrity Brat CD (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

Tardiness earns sporty senior Lilian White a padding on her nearly bare bottom. Partying with friends makes sporty gymnast Lilian White late to school in Celebrity Brat. Her new mentor has a perfect solution: improve timekeeping with a wooden paddle across her bubble butt. “The sting of the wood was bad through pants, but a lot worse on my bare bottom,” admits Lilian. See her cheeks bounce in slow-motion replays!
Helen Stephens - Reform Academy – CB/First-ever spanking turns Helen’s creamy smooth cheeks bouncing red (firmhandspanking) (2019 | HD)

A hot-bottomed welcome for doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens as her creamy white bare bottom is spanked for the very first time! “I was nervous about getting spanked,” she confesses, “but the production team were great!” Sent to Reform Academy by her government department, her bouncing bottom is swiftly educated.