KYLE JOHNSON, ARIA LENNO - RDS: ARIAS TEARS PT 2 (Disciplinary Arts) (2019 | HD)

After a hard hand spanking to near tears for her party weekend behaviors and dangerous habits, Aria is directed by her new disciplinarian to bend over the edge of the bed for a hard and sound strapping to tears. She pleads to deaf ears, as her bare bottom is soundly strapped as she sobs into the pillow. It is crimson red by the time she is sobbing and Kyle stops to hold her and comfort her. A very real and emotional discipline session!
Victoria Travers, Sarah Stern - New girl Victoria gets the paddle (Spanking Sarah) (2019 | FullHD)

New girl Victoria has just had her very first spanking and I did not think she would want to carry on but she has surprised me. I have told her that next she will have to bend over for a hard session with one of my leather paddles. Now she is a little nervous but says she has come this far and wants to go ahead. I soon have her pert rear end stuck high in the air, legs spread and ready for the paddle. Although this is her first time I do not go easy on her and she does take a full strength paddling. A really beautiful young girl and very keen to be punished some more
Suzanne Smart - Unladylike Manor Episode 39 The maid takes the pain (Spanking Sarah) (2019 | FullHD)

Suzanne the maid has been dreaming but now comes back to reality with a bump or rather a slap. Lord Stern returns home to find her siting at his dressing table reading his private book with none of her work done. He does not want to listen to her explanation and orders Kodders the butler to fetch his thickest spanking paddle. Suzanne has to kneel on the stool and take a severe session of paddling onto her panty clad bottom and then on her bare bottom.